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Workout during pregnancy – how to do it right!

Workout in the Pregnancy - that's how it works!

In this article you will learn the following

The right workout during pregnancy keeps you fit, reduces back pain, lowers the risk of diabetes and even makes childbirth easier.

But what is important to consider? Which exercises should you definitely avoid? Which muscle groups are particularly important? How long can you exercise during pregnancy?

You can find out in this article.

Can I exercise at all during pregnancy?

Yes ! And even better: It is even recommended!
Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or are concerned by your doctor, exercising while pregnant is highly recommended.

Sport and exercise increase your sense of well-being, you have a lower risk of developing gestational diabetes, you reduce the back pain and water retention typical of pregnancy and you are simply in a better mood! 🙂

If you follow the tips below, you can get started right away!

What exercises are pregnant women not allowed to do?

First things first: Pregnancy is no time to set new records. So don't overdo it with the workout during pregnancy, but train at a slightly more adapted level.

In any case, avoid sports and forms of movement that involve strong twisting and jumping movements.

Of course you should also avoid exercises lying on your stomach, because at a certain point your baby bump will get in the way.

You should also refrain from dynamic training of your straight abdominal muscles during workouts during pregnancy from the second trimester at the latest. So please, no more sit-ups. With the so-called rolling movements, you would force the additional divergence of your straight abdominal muscles (rectus diastasis).

In the third trimester you should also avoid exercises where you lie on your back for a long time. The weight of your baby can then compress the inferior vena cava and the blood can no longer flow freely back to the heart. You can then become dizzy, your blood pressure will drop and, in the worst case, you may faint.

Luckily, there are plenty of great exercises out there to make your workout attractive and fun during pregnancy.

Workout during pregnancy - that's how it works!

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Which workout for pregnant women?

It depends a bit on what week of pregnancy you are in.

In the first trimester of pregnancy you can actually do almost all the exercises that you did before you became pregnant. Make sure that you reduce the intensity or frequency of your workouts during pregnancy and adapt to the circumstances.

It can also be the case that you are a bit weaker and more tired than usual, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. This has to do with the hormonal changes in your body. Then give your body rest and breaks and don't overexert yourself.

In the second trimester of pregnancy you should have the initial discomfort behind you and be full of energy! 😉

Your pregnancy workout should now include exercises for your entire body. Exercises for your trunk muscles are particularly important, as they ensure, among other things, the stabilization of your spine. In this way you keep possible back pain under control and strengthen your core.

Great exercises for this time are above all static exercises, such as all possible variants of the “plank”. Also, be sure to include lateral variations in your workout to work your obliques/lateral abs. This supports your spine.

In the third trimester of pregnancy you should continue to train your entire body. After all, you are preparing for the finale, the upcoming birth. 😉

Especially during this time, it is advisable to do a workout during pregnancy to counteract the annoying water retention and swollen legs.

There are variations of almost all exercises, so that you can practice them until the end of your pregnancy can. Make sure your stomach has enough space. For example, you can do the squat variant “sumo squat”. The wider stance gives your stomach enough space and doesn't get in your way.

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How long can you exercise during pregnancy?

As long as you feel good and there is no high-risk pregnancy, you can exercise until you give birth.

Of course you have to listen to your body and see what feels good. But from a sports science point of view, nothing speaks against a workout until the end of your pregnancy. On the contrary.

Through sport you avoid back pain, reduce water retention, stay fit and in a good mood and prepare yourself optimally for the birth. But please don't overload yourself. If you can still talk during the pregnancy workout, you're in the right place.

What kind of sport in early pregnancy?

If you were already active in sports before your pregnancy, you can of course continue practice your sport. You should adjust the intensity a bit in early pregnancy and give yourself enough breaks. It's better to take it a little easier.

You should also please refrain from team sports, martial arts and high-risk sports to protect your baby.

If you have not been very active in sports before, the German Sport University recommends gentler sports such as Pilates, yoga or gymnastics.

Workout during pregnancy - that's how it works!

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Workout during pregnancy - this is how it works!

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