Why early and accurate detection of a sow gilt pregnancy is very important?

An accurate and early pregnancy diagnosis has immediate benefits; gilts and sows accurately diagnosed as nonpregnant by day 21 postmating/artificial insemination (AI) can be culled or rebred immediately, thereby significantly reducing nonproductive days in many herds.

What early pregnancy detection in sow gilt is important?

Plasma values are elevated substantially during the third week and significant amounts are excreted in urine and feces. A detection of substantial estrone sulphate in plasma, urine or feces, four to six weeks after mating, is a positive diagnosis of pregnancy in sows.

What is the purpose of every pregnancy checking system in sows?

It is vital that such sows are detected as early as possible, such that action can be taken – either to cull them or to move them back to the service area for re-breeding. The primary aim of any pregnancy testing system is, thus, to pick up the negatives.

How important is the pregnancy diagnosis?

What is prenatal diagnosis? Prenatal testing, screening and diagnosis are important tools to help your doctor determine, before birth, whether your fetus has any genetic disorders or congenital anomalies. Tests can be anything from amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) to a simple blood test.

Why is it important to transfer a pregnant sow to the farrowing pen?

Older sows as larger litter size with high birth weight. Care at farrowing time: The pregnant sow should be shifted to farrowing pen 3-4 days before farrowing to avoid disturbances and to settle down in new Surroundings.

How to identify pregnant sows and gilts?

Early and accurate identification of pregnant and nonpregnant sows and gilts improves reproductive efficiency in commercial swine farms. Detection of returns to estrus after mating, ultrasound devices and other methods have been used for pregnancy diagnosis.

How soon after breeding do gilts get pregnant?

In bred gilts with healthy embryos, pregnancy is recognized beginning on day 13 following AI and allows progesterone to remain elevated in blood for establishment and continuation of pregnancy until time of farrowing. Following breeding, factors that increase embryo loss and pregnancy failure are major concerns. As a result, attention has …

How do you know when a gilt is ready to feed?

Gilts usually come into cycle every 3 weeks. So look out for signs of estrus and if it looks like the gilt is ready to be served by the boar again 3 weeks from the boar being put with the gilts then the gilt may not be pregnant. I generally keep the boar with my sows for over 6 weeks so that they have gone through two cycles.

Why do gilts have fertility and longevity problems?

Problems in fertility and longevity result when breeding occurs far outside the targets. Breeding under and overweight gilts appears most related to problems. These problems in body weight are related to issues with attainment of puberty and lifetime growth performance. Pubertal estrus is induced in batches of gilts over a 60 day period.

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