Why do weaning groups of sows occur on the same day?

30 дек. 2015 г. · Pre-socialisation (PS): Sows mixed for two days after weaning, then stall housed for breeding and up to five weeks gestation, after which sows . With batch farrowing, sows are formed into groups which allow matings and farrowings to occur at distinct intervals. In small herds, instead of farrowing at weekly intervals, sows will farrow in batches and the entire group can be weaned on the same day.

Why is weaning important for pigs?

These heavier weaned pigs achieve slaughter weight more efficiently and economically, producing the ‘Full Value’ pig. 2. Sows producing heavier pigs at weaning have an increased feed intake and better feed conversion ratio of feed intake to piglet gain, which creates a more economical and profitable lactating sow.

How many days does it take to wean piglets from sows?

Weaning pigs at approximately 21 days has become a common practice in the U.S. Farm economics and productivity, sow and piglet welfare, and available facilities will dictate the best weaning age on a given farm.

Why do sows come on heat 3 7 days after weaning the piglets?

Following weaning, the surge in energy that occurs as milk production stops trips off a different hormonal pathway centred around insulin and insulin-like growth factor that stimulates heat. The normal aim would be to re-serve the sow 3-7 days after weaning – a period usually regarded as the peak fertile time.

What is the time interval from weaning to service?

Wean to service intervalTarget # sows6 to 7 days*257 to 21 days2.522 to 30 days0.531 plus days0

Can sows be weaned on the same day?

Thus, weaning groups of sows on the same day is a naturally occurring, effective means of estrus synchronization [8]. with the majority of females in “heat” on days 4 through 7 (Figure 9) [8-9]. Figure 9. Typical distribution of weaningto-estrus intervals in sows [8].

How long does it take to Farrow and wean a sow?

Sows will farrow and be weaned in groups. Typically, farrowing happens in a narrow range of days, as all pigs were bred on the same day or within a very narrow (less than 1 week) time frame.

Is estrus in sows after weaning a random event?

In contrast, estrus in sows after weaning is not a random event, but occurs in a synchronized manner with good management. When weaning-to-estrus intervals become delayed or unsynchronized, there are management deficiencies that need to be addressed.

What is the best way to wean sows and gilts?

Best results appear to occur when sows or gilts are separated from the boar by a 1 m wide corridor. When penned next to a boar they will apparently become conditioned by continuous and intense stimulation. It is normal to ‘batch farrow’ sows so that groups of sows will be weaned and come on heat together.

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