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Week 13 to 28: what happens in the second trimester of pregnancy?

GW 13 to GW 28: What happens in the second trimester of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn

The second trimester of pregnancy

Many women describe the second trimester of pregnancy as the feel-good time in pregnancy: From the 12th week of pregnancy, the nausea usually decreases, the risk of a miscarriage is significantly lower and the bond between you and the baby becomes stronger.

In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions about the 13th week of pregnancy to the 28th week of pregnancy: How does the fetus develop? What helps with heartburn and water retention during pregnancy?

The pregnancy trimesters at a glance:

In order to keep track of the time during pregnancy and to know the developmental status of the baby, we speak of pregnancy weeks (1st week of pregnancy to 40th week of pregnancy). GW) or of pregnancy trimesters (first to third trimester of pregnancy):

  • First trimester: 1st to 12th week of pregnancy
  • Second trimester: 13th to 28 weeks
  • Third trimester: 29 to 40 weeks

“How does the fetus develop in the second trimester of pregnancy?”

The second trimester of pregnancy begins at the 13th week of pregnancy. At this point, you realize that the baby is beginning to move in your belly. It sucks its thumb and swallows amniotic fluid. This may make him hiccup more often. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe, although it may feel strange at first.

If you take a stethoscope, you will hear the hiccups very clearly. In addition, you can also hear the heartbeat of your unborn child. From the 22nd week of pregnancy, the fetus' ears are developed and it can also hear your voice and that of your partner. Every now and then put a music box on your stomach. After birth, the baby may remember the melody and fall asleep more relaxed.

By the end of the second trimester, the child has also opened its eyes. It develops sleep and wake phases. So don't be directly irritated if it's very still in your tummy for a while, your baby is just dozing.

“When does the baby's sex become apparent?”

The gender of the child is already decided during the fertilization of the egg cell. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the genitals of the fetus form and your gynecologist can determine with high probability whether it will be a boy or a girl. From the 18th week of pregnancy at the latest, the gender can be identified on the ultrasound image – but there is always a certain error rate.

“What symptoms can occur in the second trimester of pregnancy?”

Many pregnant women describe the second trimester of pregnancy (13th week of pregnancy – 28th week of pregnancy) as uncomplicated and relaxed: the nausea is over, the body has gotten used to the new hormonal balance and it is the ideal time in pregnancy to start building the nest or to go on vacation with your partner for two.

Nevertheless, there may be minor symptoms in the second trimester, which also depend heavily on your environment. Headaches and leg cramps can of course be more pronounced in the hot summer months than in winter.

The following symptoms can occur in the second trimester:

  • Constipation
  • Growing pains caused by the stretching of the ligaments
  • Heartburn
  • Forgetfulness
  • Calf cramps
  • Headache

If these symptoms occur, it is important to listen to your own body and to be in close contact with your gynecologist: treat yourself Rest if you have a headache or go for a short walk or do sports exercises that are tailored to you, which can also prevent constipation, for example.

If you have leg cramps, it helps to make sure you eat foods that are rich in magnesium: nuts, seeds, bananas, raspberries, wholemeal bread, wheat bran, peas, beans and broccoli.

If you suffer from heartburn, it is advisable to eat several small portions throughout the day rather than one large one. This prevents the uterus from pressing too hard on a full stomach and forcing stomach acid up. Herer you will find more tips on nutrition during pregnancy.

13. GW to GW 28: What happens in the second trimester of pregnancy?

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