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Ultrasound during pregnancy: “Baby TV” banned from 2021?!

Ultrasound in the Pregnancy:

In this article you will learn the following

The ultrasound scan is in always one of the most exciting and beautiful examinations that most couples look forward to.

You can see your unborn baby, watch its heartbeat and it increases the anticipation of getting to know each other immensely!

Since this year, “baby television” has been banned.
In this article you will find out why this is the case and what is still allowed.

Ultrasound in pregnancy

As parents-to-be, you always look forward to the long-awaited first ultrasound image of the unborn baby during pregnancy. That magical moment when you can see the baby's face, see the heart beating and this little miracle just becomes tangible.

And of course you also want to see the development and changes of the child in the baby bump. But this should be the end of this year.

According to a new regulation in the Radiation Protection Act, embryos should be protected from unnecessary and excessive radiation doses.

The three ultrasound examinations per pregnancy are still permitted and paid for by health insurance companies, which are necessary and justified within the framework of statutory prenatal care to clarify medical questions.

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Reasons for the ban on ultrasound during pregnancy

One of the main reasons for the ban on so-called “baby television” is actually a really great and human one:

It's about the rights of the unborn child . So it's about protecting the baby.

An adult can decide for themselves how often they want to undergo ultrasound examinations. A baby can't do that.

As I said, these are examinations that are not medically necessary and are “only” undertaken to please the parents.

Another reason for the ban is that not only trained specialists such as doctors and midwives have access to these special devices, but that ultrasound examinations can also be carried out by non-medical professionals.

How harmful is the ultrasound examination for the baby?

The short and professionally performed ultrasound examinations, in which ultrasound is used for no more than a few seconds, are medically harmless. This type of examination is the legally permitted one as part of prenatal care.

If the examination is not carried out by medically trained personnel, it can happen that the ultrasound head is pointed at one spot for an unnecessarily long time. Thus, the applied energy becomes more intense and there is a heating effect. This heating could have a negative effect on the bone structure and tissue of the unborn baby.

However, it must be mentioned here that there are no studies that prove actual damage.

Highly problematic However, gynecologists and midwives like it when parents-to-be borrow ultrasound devices and experiment with them themselves.

Can I still have more ultrasound examinations?

To put it briefly: yes .

There are examinations that are not reflected in the maternity guidelines, but of course still make medical sense.

A good example of this is the measurement of nuchal folds or nuchal translucency. These and similar examinations make absolute sense for medical reasons and may continue to be carried out.

It is best to clarify in advance whether this type of ultrasound examination is covered by your health insurance company.

Additional ultrasound examinations that go beyond what is required by law are a bit more complicated.

It always depends on the reason in the investigations. However, if you want an ultrasound scan just for the sake of the picture of the child, this will not be compatible with the guidelines.

However, if there is a medical question or concern that something is wrong with the baby Of course, an ultrasound examination can be carried out.

The objective should therefore clearly be the examination of the current state of health of the child and the findings of the examination (amount of amniotic fluid, height, weight, etc.) should be documented accordingly. This also includes photos, which of course can be given to the parents-to-be. 😉

Ultrasound during pregnancy: "Baby TV" banned from 2021?!

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