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The initial equipment for your newborn baby: Here is your checklist

Equipment for your newborn baby: Here is your checklist

In this article you will learn the following

You are pregnant and the anticipation of your baby is increasing. You would prefer to buy everything at once and furnish the baby room with everything your heart desires. We know.

But before you fall into a shopping spree and buy things that you may not even need, we have prepared a checklist with the basic equipment for you and your baby. You can go through them piece by piece and be sure that nothing important is forgotten.

Initial equipment: Larger purchases

Larger purchases are those that may take longer to buy than, for example, care products or clothing.

The stroller is a good example of this. It is usually right at the top of the checklist for the baby's initial equipment. There are so many models on the market – from cheaper to the price of a used car. It can take weeks or months before you have agreed on the right model and you may have to order it.

So please plan the larger purchases in good time so that you are on the safe side and don't get excited have to make important decisions at the last minute.

  • Dressing table + changing mat:

You definitely need a chest of drawers or a place to store your baby’s clothes and care products. Any type of chest of drawers that you can stand upright on is actually suitable.

There are very nice and practical changing attachments that you can attach to the chest of drawers with a few simple steps. Make sure that there is enough space for the baby and that there is storage space for diapers and care products.

  • Pram

When buying the stroller, take your time and test different models if possible. Make sure that the pram can be converted into a buggy, that it is not too heavy and, above all, suitable for everyday use. It should be height-adjustable (mom and dad want to push it comfortably) and easy to fold (if you want to put it in the trunk of the car, for example). Rain protection is usually included, otherwise you can find it relatively cheaply in drugstores.

A sheepskin is often used as a cuddly mat for the baby in the tub. Please make sure that it is a close-cropped, biologically tanned, real fur. Especially in the cold months, it insulates your baby in the tub and at the same time ensures that your baby does not overheat in summer.

  • Padded footmuff (for winter)< /li>

There are lined footmuffs for infants. These are very practical in winter, as they keep you warm and you don't have to cover your child with a huge blanket.

  • Sling

< p>A beautiful and intimate alternative to the pram are slings. The babies feel very safe through the closeness, the body heat and the heartbeat and are reminded of the good times in the womb.

Specialist shops offer competent babywearing advice and you can often borrow and test different alternatives. Some parents swear by a simple sling that you knot. It is probably the most flexible option. There are also carrying systems that are a bit more technical and easier to use thanks to Velcro fasteners or click systems.

  • Extra bed

There are many different opinions and attitudes about where and how a baby should sleep at first. A nice option is an extra bed. This can usually be attached to the side of the parent's bed, so that the baby can sleep in its own bed, but still feels close to mum or dad. There is also the option of closing the side bed with a side rail and turning it into a bassinet with castors. Also an important point for the initial equipment of your baby.

There are certain mattresses, mattress protectors and sheets for all types of extra bed.

  • Baby seat for the car


As with a stroller, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of infant carriers in good time. There are also several reputable providers here that you should simply look at and test yourself in a specialist shop. The important thing is that it should be relatively light so that you can also carry it with one arm with the baby in it and also be easy to install and remove.

Important: The baby should always be transported with its back to the direction of travel , as newborns cannot hold their heads up independently in the event of an accident.

The initial equipment for your newborn baby: Here is your checklist

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