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The 5 best car mirrors for your baby Rear view mirror test 2019

The 5 best car mirrors for your baby | Rear-view mirror test 2019

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You probably know it: Your baby is sitting in the back of the baby seat and you are driving the car or are a passenger and would like to have a look at your sweetheart. Since the baby seat is rear-facing for safety reasons and should ideally be on the back seat, you unfortunately cannot see what your baby is doing. If it's unusually quiet, you can see at a glance whether it's asleep and you can drive relaxed. However, in the east it is also the case that the little ones complain because the pacifier has fallen out of their mouth, the cap has slipped or they have lost the rattle. Especially when your child suddenly starts crying, you probably turn around to see what's going on. However, this is very dangerous when you are driving.
There is a perfect solution for this: a car mirror that attaches to the headrest of the seat (where the infant carrier is) so that you can see your baby throw.

✓ Benefits of a baby car mirror

1. The mirror glass is usually made of shatterproof acrylic glass or sometimes shatterproof mirror glass, so you don't have to worry about the glass breaking.

2. The car mirrors can be easily installed and removed in a few seconds without tools.

3. The car mirrors are universal and can be attached to any adjustable headrest.

4. The car mirrors swivel and tilt so you can adjust the angle to give you the perfect view of your baby.

5. Your sparrow will feel safe if he can see you in the car mirror while driving.

6. You can take a look in the rear view mirror and see your sweetheart without having to turn around.

The 5 best baby car mirrors in comparison

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The car mirrors for babies are very similar and you can't go wrong with any of the five car mirrors. Except for Lina M.'s car mirror, all of them can be mounted on an adjustable headrest. Lina M.'s car mirror can also be attached to the rear window. You should keep this in mind if your rear seats do not have adjustable headrests or if your car is generally smaller and such an attachment fits better. In terms of price, they do not differ much from each other.

What you should pay attention to when buying a car mirror for your baby

As said before, there are not big differences between the car mirrors that are currently on the market. They differ only in their shape and size, the material of the mirror glass and the type of attachment.

Type of attachment
Most car mirrors for babies are attached using a belt system, in which the mirror is tightened once vertically and once horizontally on the headrest so that it sits firmly while driving and cannot slip. There are also car mirrors that are fixed with Velcro by tightening. There are also car mirrors that are attached to the rear window using a suction cup. This type is particularly recommended for very small cars or cars that do not have adjustable headrests.

In general, a large mirror surface is always good so that you can see your baby with its body and infant carrier without any problems. With smaller mirrors, for example, only the face is visible. However, the size of your headrest also matters – if it is smaller, you should also choose a mirror that is not too large so that your rear view is not impaired. The same applies to car mirrors, which are attached to the rear window using a suction cup.

Mirror material
Most car mirrors for babies are made of shatterproof plastic glass so that they do not shatter like a glass mirror and cause injury.

Important tips for using a car mirror for your baby

< strong>Attach correctly
You should attach the mirror in such a way that it cannot slip. Because if you brake hard and the mirror is not properly attached, it can be very dangerous if the mirror is thrown forward.

Don't get distracted
Having a car mirror so you can catch a glimpse of your baby is undoubtedly very handy. However, you should also keep in mind that it is a distraction while driving. Therefore, you should not use the mirror primarily to communicate with your sweetheart or to constantly observe him, but only in an emergency. In this way, the car mirror contributes to safety rather than being a risk.

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