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Sport during pregnancy: That's why exercise is so important for you!

Exercise during pregnancy: That's why exercise is so important for you!

In this article you will learn the following

Many women ask themselves the question whether and at what intensity they can do sport during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who are already sporty don't want to give up their training schedule and want to continue doing their sporting units. Women who have not been physically active before often gain a new awareness of health and exercise as a result of pregnancy.

Thus, the desire for exercise and a healthy diet arises.

Here you can find out everything you need to consider and which sport is best suited for pregnancy.

Exercise and sport during pregnancy is healthy for mother and baby!


Basically, exercising during pregnancy is healthy and important.

If you stay or become active, you prevent increased water retention and excessive weight gain, improve your mood and well-being, reduce your risk of developing gestational diabetes, prevent back pain and ultimately even make childbirth easier.

In addition, the training is not only good for you, but also for your baby: If the mother-to-be trains, the child in the womb also trains.

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Which sports are recommended during pregnancy?


You can do moderate sports such as walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, but also gymnastics, yoga and dancing without hesitation.

In addition, it is particularly important to strengthen all large muscle groups through targeted strength-endurance training, because this is the only way you can really benefit from the advantages of sport during pregnancy.

Sport in der Pregnancy: That's why exercise is so important for you!

How much and how long – the right measure decides


Of course, the right amount is important here. You shouldn't overexert yourself completely and still be able to talk “relaxedly” in addition to the sporting activity. The strengthening exercises should be done three days a week for about 30 to 40 minutes – this way you will definitely have a noticeable training effect, but you should definitely not do too much.

The top rule is of course: listen to your own body feeling and don't overload yourself. It is better to do without dynamic training of the straight abdominal muscles. Static exercises, on the other hand, are wanted because they reach the deeper muscles and indirectly train the pelvic floor. The oblique and lateral abdominal muscles can also be trained.

Exercise during pregnancy: That's why exercise is so important for you!

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But isn't sport dangerous for my baby during pregnancy?


Some outdated opinions are circulating that sport and especially strength training is taboo during pregnancy and may even be dangerous the baby.

Today we know that a sensibly guided training session has only advantages for the mother-to-be and the baby in her womb. However, if the pregnancy is at risk, the gynecologist must be asked for advice and the training coordinated with him.

Can beginners also train during pregnancy?


Even women who have never been physically active can start training during pregnancy and thus gain basic fitness reach. Of course, you should start out moderately and gradually get used to certain strains.

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Exercise during pregnancy: That's why exercise is so important for you!

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