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Prevent & avoid stretch marks: 5 tips

Prevent & avoid stretch marks: 5 tips

In this article you will learn the following

Prevent and avoid stretch marks: Here you will find out everything you need to know.

Pregnancy or stretch marks are a sensitive issue in every pregnancy and every pregnant woman wants to prevent them as much as possible or avoid them altogether.

You're always afraid that you won't be spared from the small tears in the hypodermis.

How you bestI will tell you in the following article how you can prepare for the growing belly and the associated problems and thus possibly prevent and avoid stretch marks.

What are stretch marks


How do these stretch marks occur and what are the possible causes for them?

The stretch marks are caused by Cracks in the subcutaneous tissue if the skin on the abdomen, chest, hips, buttocks or thighs stretches too quickly. During pregnancy, the cracks are usually slightly bluish, purple or reddish. This is because the blood vessels show through between the small cracks. After delivery, the streaks will fade and become lighter over time.

Unfortunately, our genes decide who is prone to stretch marks and who is not. If you have a predisposition to elastic connective tissue, you have a better chance of avoiding stretch marks. However, if you tend to have weak and vulnerable connective tissue, you have to invest all the more time and effort in care and preparation in order to prevent stretch marks.

In multiple pregnancies there is a greater risk of stretch marks, as the stomach and other “problem areas” are stretched much faster and more than in single pregnancies.

Another cause can be excessive weight gain during pregnancy, which is often associated with little physical activity.

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What can you do to prevent stretch marks?

As already mentioned, there is no secret what will protect you from stretch marks 100%. However, you can prepare your body as well as possible for the coming exertions and thus prevent and avoid stretch marks in the best possible way.

And the most important point when preparing is: regularity!

The faster a woman gains weight during pregnancy, the greater the likelihood that the skin will experience stress and can no longer keep up with the gentle stretching .

So try to counteract this with a healthy, vitamin-rich and balanced diet as a first step. Diet and exerciseprevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Adipose tissue is less elastic and is therefore more likely to lead to the formation of stretch marks.

Don't worry, the snacking is not completely eliminated, but a healthy, balanced diet is important for mom and baby.

In addition, there are sports, body care and massages, for better blood circulation in the skin. This helps your skin to prepare for the upcoming stretching and can thus prevent and avoid stretch marks.

In the next sections, I explain the5 most effective tips against stretch marks in more detail.

What helps best against stretch marks?

Here are 5 tips against stretch marks:

Tip 1: Nutrition

A healthy and balanced diet is basically good.

Above all but it is particularly important during pregnancy, because not only do you benefit from the nutrients and minerals, but also your baby.

Another advantage of a healthy diet is that weight gain during pregnancy does not increase exaggeratedly. Of course, snacking is allowed occasionally, but you shouldn’t only eat fast food and the like.

Make sure you consume a lot of vitamin E, which is found in nuts, oils, sweet potatoes, mangoes and black ones contains currants.

Incidentally, the myth that you can now eat twice as much, or “after all, you're eating for two” has long been old hat and outdated. Energy needs increase during pregnancy and by month four you should actually be consuming more calories. But about 250 kilocalories are enough, which roughly provides a slice of bread and no extra main meal.

Also make sure you drink enough. The best water, tea, or juice spritzers. You should have at least two liters of fluidper day to keep your skin supple to help prevent and avoid stretch marks.

Prevent & avoid stretch marks : 5 tips

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Tip 2: Sport

Sport and exercise during pregnancy is a very important point. On the one hand, your circulation is stimulated, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, back pain is prevented and your mood is positively influenced, but on the other hand, sport stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the connective tissue, which is a clear plus in terms of stretch marks.

Moderate strength endurance training can be done up to four times a week. It is important that you do not overload and overwhelm yourself. That's why we advise beginners to start very loosely. 25-30 minutes is enough to feel the benefits of the training.

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Tip 3: Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene< is important when it comes to preventing and avoiding stretch marks /strong>. Keep your endangered body parts supple with daily creams and oils and treat your skin to daily relaxing care. As a result, the skin remains elastic and supple, is kept moist and supplied with vitamins.

Another good way to boost your circulation and thus improve the blood flow in your skin are the so-called Kneip affusions. You can easily include this in your morning shower by alternating warm and cold showers three times a week five times in a row.

You can also under the showerMassage with a brush or a loofah sponge. Simply massage the endangered body parts with circular movements.

Tip 4: Oil massage

With the oil massageThe endangered parts of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, breasts and buttocks are massaged with body oil using gentle, circular movements. It is best to use jojoba oil, mild almond oil or a vitamin-rich wheat germ oil. These provide your skin with sufficient moisture and keep it supple.

Tip: It is best to massage your skin directly after your morning shower.

Important as with all preventive measures: Massage yourself regularly. Preferably daily. Oil massage in the morning after the shower and a plucking massage in the evening before going to sleep, which is explained in more detail in the next point.

Tip 5: Plucking massage

With the plucking massagethe corresponding parts of the body are treated in the same way as with the oil massage. The skin is carefully pulled up piece by piece between the thumb and forefinger and rolled a little, or just “plucked”.

A little tip: Use some oil during the plucking massage as well keep skin more supple. This type of massage is primarily used for blood circulation in the skin.

We also recommend doing the plucking massage every day. This is the best way to prevent and avoid stretch marks!

In which week of pregnancy do you get stretch marks?

In most cases, stretch marks appear in the last third of pregnancy.

During this time, your baby is growing and so is your belly the most. Your breasts are also slowly preparing for breastfeeding.

So it is best to start in good time with prevention. Then you can prevent and avoid stretch marks with our tips.

Which products help best against stretch marks?

In addition to sufficient exercise, a healthy and balanced diet and drinking enough, there are various care products that are pleasant for the skin. Oils and creams are especially good for massages.

But it doesn't always have to be a „special“ skin cream against stretch marks. Make sure it smells good to you, keeps your skin nice and supple, and keeps it hydrated.

There are also great natural products such as jojoba oil, mild almond oil, coconut oil or wheat germ oil rich in vitamins.

Prevent & avoid stretch marks : 5 tips

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