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Pregnant despite having a period – is that possible? We clarify!

Pregnant despite period - is that possible? We'll clear it up!

In this article you will learn the following

Pregnant despite period &#8211 ; Is that possible? Yes, because not every bleeding is a period. This is how you can tell if you might be pregnant!

Which woman does not know this? You fear that you might be pregnant – be it because the condom broke, you didn't take the pill correctly or your gut feeling tells you that something is different. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be a reason. Then when your period starts, you think you can't be pregnant, right?

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. There are various types of bleeding that can also occur despite or precisely because of pregnancy.

Period despite pregnancy: is that possible?

First of all, when your menstrual period begins, then you are too not pregnant. However, there are two rare cases in which there is a period despite pregnancy.

This happens when fertilization and the first day of the period are so close together that both events overlap slightly. Normally, the egg cell dies first and then the period begins, but it is possible that the egg cell was freshly fertilized when the period started.

In addition, periods can occur despite pregnancy if more than one egg cell has ruptured. This is more common during a woman's young years, but can occur at any age. An egg cell can then have already died, but the other is still waiting in the fallopian tube and can be fertilized.

If the period is still at the beginning and not too much mucous membrane has been lost, it can prevent implantation are still sufficient.

However, it must be said that these two possibilities are very rare and improbable.

Period light: pregnant despite bleeding

Many women report light bleeding even though they are newly pregnant. It can be menstrual bleeding, but it is very light and is immediately stopped by the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy. You would feel like you did when you had your period, but you would only bleed for a few days.

Many women also find that they bleed far less than usual. After all, your body must now retain the uterine lining in order to develop the placenta.

Implantation or implantation bleeding

When a fertilized egg implants itself in the lining of the uterus, there is sometimes a small amount of bleeding.

You are not pregnant despite your period, because it is this bleeding is not about menstruation. It is completely harmless and is much lighter and shorter than the menstrual period, sometimes it is just a small spot of blood and then it's all over.

You would notice this phenomenon because it cannot be compared to normal bleeding.

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Contraception during your period

Are you wondering whether you can be pregnant despite your period because you didn't use contraception during this time?

It can actually be. In most cases, menstruation begins when the egg cell has died. However, both events can also overlap, so that you can become pregnant despite bleeding.

Unfortunately, menstruation is not a reliable contraceptive. In any case, it is advisable to use condoms now, for your own protection and that of your partner. During the period, the uterus is full of small open wounds that need to heal first. In addition, some men do not want to come into direct contact with menstrual blood. You're both on the safe side with a condom.

Pregnant despite bleeding during the pill break?

It is different with the withdrawal bleeding during your break from the pill. If you stop taking them, you'll start bleeding shortly after, but it's not a real period.

It's caused by the drop in hormones in your body and feels like a menstrual period. However, ovulation did not occur and therefore you cannot become pregnant now. There is also nothing to be said against unprotected sexual intercourse during this time, because the effect of the pill still protects you. Finally, after a 7-day break, you continue to take them.

Even if you didn't do this, you wouldn't ovulate immediately – this is especially true if you have been taking them for a long time. It can take the body a long time for hormone levels to normalize again.

Pregnant despite having a period? This is how you find out!

Are you worried about being pregnant despite your menstrual period? Then you should do a pregnancy test to be on the safe side.

There are very sensitive rapid tests that can be done before the first day of menstruation. You can also do a commercially available test with the morning urine independently of the bleeding.

If the result is positive, then you have certainty and should see a doctor as soon as possible. If it comes back negative, but your period doesn't feel the same as usual, you still have the option of having a blood test done by a gynecologist. This tells you more precisely than any home test whether you are pregnant or not.

The gynecologist can also perform an ultrasound scan, which will also clarify whether you are pregnant despite bleeding.

Pregnant despite your period - is that possible? We clarify!

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Delayed menstruation: what does it mean?

If menstruation starts later than expected, there can be two reasons.

If you were very afraid of being pregnant, it may have affected your psyche in such a way that the bleeding was delayed. Or you were really pregnant, but the body rejected the egg cell again and you get the bleeding a few days later.

In many cases, this happens without the woman even noticing that fertilization is taking place the ovum has come. Such an egg cell would not have been viable, mostly because there were errors in the cell division processes.

Pregnant despite several menstrual periods – is that possible?


Pregnant women no longer have their periods.

It may be that menstrual bleeding and fertilization of the egg cell are so close together that you didn't notice that the bleeding there is no real menstruation at all.

But there will be no second menstruation. So if you've had your periods again for the second or third time, then it's definitely out of the question that you're pregnant.