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Pregnant – and now!? This advice will help you immediately.

Pregnant - and now!? This advice will help you immediately.

In this article you will learn the following

The test strip shows two lines? You're pregnant. And you are anything but prepared?

Your reaction: Panic. Understandable but not necessary. Here you can find out everything about the most important steps from organization to the pregnancy course.

Pregnant? Panic!

If you are pregnant, that means new life!

Panic is often the first response to the news that hits most women in the bathroom. Then there is no doctor present, just you and the test strip in your hand.

Staying calm is easier said than done. The reflection on the irreversible fact follows quickly. Before you know it, you're already taking the first steps towards the future – just not alone anymore.

One look at the test tire is enough and you know: Two lines have just decided about the rest of your life (a bit sharp formulated ;-)).

Maybe you noticed it beforehand from the first signs of pregnancy. Some women know their bodies well and have an unerring intuition.

However, pregnancy can also be associated without the usual suspects of tiredness, nausea and a feeling of fullness. Some women just aren't particularly susceptible to these signs of pregnancy.

Whether with physical signals or without – the nature of the woman decides on the reaction. Not all women react in the same way. While some panic, others remain calm. And even if a sudden excitement causes a roller coaster ride of emotions, in most cases this only applies to the first moment of realization.

After all, it's about a new family member. After usually nine months, your life will be enriched by two little feet.

Those who learn to get used to the new feeling in their stomach will quickly have the scepter in their hands again for sorting out all the questions floating around in your head.

What you need above all is this: Organization.

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When do I share the great news with my family and friends?


It's understandable when you want to share the unexpected good fortune right from the start and you're so excited to announce to your friends that you're pregnant!

Even the pride of one or the other father may then be blessed with impatience.

Nevertheless, there are good reasons to keep the growing secret for the time being. Parents, friends and your favorite online social platforms should be able to wait 12 weeks. Why?

Miscarriage can occur in the first 12 weeks. Statistically, this is the case with about every fifth pregnancy. This sad process can take place without a woman noticing anything. However, the risk of miscarriage decreases after the three months.

But the thought of risk should not spoil your joy. If you feel comfortable sharing the good news with a close friend or relative and can weigh up possible reactions, the message is correct. If a miscarriage should occur, you have people you trust around you who are ready to support you.

If you'd rather be on the safe side, then it's better to wait the three months.

< h2>Pregnant?! When do I inform my employer?

You should also inform your employer in good time. You don't have to worry about your job because the law protects you as an expectant mother (you can find more information on this topic here: Employment ban during pregnancy).

In this respect, you benefit from advantages and rights who are on your side. They relate, for example, to the topics

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Maternity leave
  • Working hours
  • Protection against dismissal
  • Continued payment of salary


Your employer must comply with the legal regulations in the Maternity Protection Act if you are pregnant.

For example, he may not simply give you notice because of your pregnancy.

The protection against dismissal does not only apply during the period of pregnancy, but also up to four months after the birth of the baby. Maternity protection applies if you are in a contractual employment relationship. This also applies to fixed-term employment contracts.

However, when the employment contract ends, so does maternity leave. The protection also applies to employment relationships that are part of a probationary period or training.

According to the Maternity Protection Act, you should inform your employer as soon as you know the state of your pregnancy. However, there is no statutory date by which this must be the case at the latest.

Pregnant - and now!? This advice will help you immediately.

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Pregnant: organizational

As much as you may be overwhelmed by the happiness of the life growing in your belly, you can't avoid formalities and a certain amount of organization.

Once the first three months are up, your head should turn to it. Good planning will help you have a stress-free pregnancy later.

It makes sense to organize a midwife early on, because the helping hands of these ladies are often fully booked many months before the birth. She accompanies you during and after the birth of your child. You are not alone in childbirth, during postnatal training and when breastfeeding your baby, you are in professional hands.

The search for a place in a day care center or day care is often handled somewhat carelessly. Some mothers give up a place in day care because they want to have their child with them until they enter day care.

Other mothers are not always granted this wish because work has to be resumed at an early stage. This is often the case with single mothers who also have to work independently.

If you decide to go to day care or a daycare center, it is advisable to register early because such places are limited and you may first be put on a waiting list.

If you are pregnant, you should make these important applications:

  • Application for maternity benefit
  • Application for parental leave from your employer
  • Application for parental benefit


Also check the health insurance benefits for pregnant women at your health insurance company. You may be able to save costs here, depending on the assumption of costs. For example, it can include 3D ultrasound screening, neck fold measurement, dietary supplements and much more.

Pregnancy course: yes or no?

When the first flush of emotion is over, the formalities have been organized and friends and family have been informed, you can finally sit back and think about courses that are good for you and your baby.

For example, holding a pregnancy course will keep you flexible and fit despite a growing belly. Feeling good about your body accompanies you throughout pregnancy.

Basically, however, a course prevents pregnancy symptoms and strengthens the pelvic floor and back muscles. It's best to stop by at pregfit right away. There is a training program there that is specially adapted to you and your needs!

Pregnant - and now!? This advice will help you immediately.

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