Is the alizin injection worth it for a puppy?

Alizin® is a safe and effective drug treatment for mismating that induces abortion in dogs. It has a synthetic progesterone antagonist which blocks the signals that would otherwise allow successful ova implantation and subsequent maintenance of pregnancy. It does not affect future gestations or fertility.

When should you give your dog Alizin?

therefore, the optimal time for diagnosis and treatment of a misalliance with Alizin® is prior to 35 days of gestation* (though Alizin® is registered for use up to Day 45 after mating).

How much dexamethasone does it take to abort a puppy?

Pregnancy can also be reliably terminated in female dogs by administration of dexamethasone at 0.2 mg/kg, PO, bid to effect.

How long after mating can you use Alizin?

Alizin is authorised to induce abortion from day 1 to 45 post mating although we recommend waiting to the end of oestrus before using the product to avoid the need for repeat courses. This is usually 10 to 14 days post mating. In the first trimester (up to day 21) the efficacy is 99.9%.

What are the side effects of Alizin in dogs?

Oedema, skin thickening, local lymph-node enlargement and ulceration may occur. All local reactions are reversible and will usually disappear within 28 days after injection. In field trials, administration of the veterinary medicinal product induced haematological/biochemical changes in 4.5 % of dogs.

What are the side effects of the Mismate injection?

It is more effective and less unpleasant for the dog when it is given within 21 days of mating. Possible side effects of the injection include vaginal discharge or passing of fetuses, depression, reduced appetite and swollen mammary tissue.

What is Mismating injection?

QUESTION: What are mismate shots? ANSWER: Mismate shots are injections of long-acting estrogenic compounds. They probably work in three ways. First, they delay the transit of the fertilized eggs into the uterus. Second, they may cause a direct degenerative effect on the fertilized eggs.

Can dogs get abortions NZ?

Pregnant dogs can be aborted using a product called ALIZIN. Whilst it is registered for use in dogs as far pregnant as 45 days post mating, it is recommended to use this product prior to day 35 post mating.

How can I prevent my dog from getting pregnant?

There are two methods to prevent estrus, or heat, in a female dog:1Surgery – ovariohysterectomy (spay): Recommended. … 2Medical management using hormonal drugs: Not typically recommended, due to risks.3False pregnancy. … 4Breast cancer (mammary neoplasia) … 5Medical control of estrus.Birth Control For Dogs | VCA Animal Hospitals

Will alizin affect my dog’s future fertility?

Alizin will not affect your dogs future fertility as there is no residual action. However most people would let their dogs have one season before another mating since abortion due to Alizin can be stressful for the dog- this allows her time to get back to normal. If you could be certain it is just the 6th day then pregnancy is unlikely.

What is alizin used for in dogs?

Alizin® is registered for use in dogs following mismating and is the safest and most effective drug treatment for abortion available to veterinarians.

Where to buy alizin in the UK?

Alizin is available with fast delivery from VioVet, a registered and trusted UK based online supplier of pet food and medication. Prescription required. Alizin Injection | Alizin Dose | Alizin in Bitches

How effective is alizin during pregnancy?

If given before day 22 of a pregnancy Alizin is almost 100% effective. It is best given after oestrus has finished. When it is used later in pregnancy (up to day 45) it is around 95% effective. 5.

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