Is it safe to sleep on right side during pregnancy?

Doctors recommend resting on your side — right or left — to give you and your baby the optimal blood flow. Beyond that, you might try using some pillow props to get into the most comfortable position for you. Soak in all the sleep you can before your baby is born. If you are wondering if sleeping on your right side during pregnancy could be dangerous, you may want to know that there is a slight risk of the inferior vena cava (IVC) being compressed during sleeping, but it is not completely dangerous. You must remember that sleeping straight may cause more compression of the IVC.

Can I hurt my baby by sleeping on my right side?

The findings may help to allay concerns—informed by previous studies—that sleeping on the back or right side may compress blood vessels supplying the uterus and potentially harm the fetus or the mother.

Can you lay on your right side while pregnant?

Right now, side sleeping is safest for your baby. Plus, it’s more comfortable for you as your abdomen grows. Is one side of the body better than the other for sleeping? Experts recommend lying on your left side.

When should a pregnant woman stop sleeping on her right side?

Research has shown that in the third trimester (after 28 weeks of pregnancy) going to sleep on your back increases your risk of stillbirth. As the link has now been shown in four separate research trials, our advice is to go to sleep on your side in the third trimester because it is safer for your baby.

Is it safe to sleep on the left side during pregnancy?

Side sleeping is the best position during pregnancy, both for you and your baby. Sleeping on right side while pregnant is ok, but left is the better choice due to improved circulation necessary to get required nutrients to your baby and also because it prevents excessive weight being exerted on your liver.

Is it safe to sleep on your back during pregnancy?

It is important to note that sleeping on your back for a short duration may not be harmful; however, sleeping that way for a long time can restrict blood circulation to the foetus and might also cause backaches, haemorrhoids, and digestive issues. It is best to follow the SOS or the ‘Sleeping On Side’ position during pregnancy.

Is it better to sleep on your back or right side?

Generally speaking though, health professionals agree that sleeping on whichever side is better for you and baby than sleeping on your back. Research suggests there’s very little difference in stillbirth risk between sleeping on the right and left side.

Is it safe to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?

Sleeping on your stomach is going to become progressively more difficult as the baby bump grows. Putting pressure on your stomach does not bode well for the baby. Sleeping on your back can also cause digestive problems, breathing trouble and a lack of ample blood circulation through the system for both your baby and you.

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