How sensitive is the dollar store pregnancy test?

“For the average woman, dollar store tests are fine and just as accurate as name-brand tests,” she says. But they do require patience, which she acknowledges can be in short supply when you’re trying to get pregnant. “You need to wait until the date of your expected period,” says Taylor. 11 мая 2018 г. The sensitivity of a dollar store pregnancy test may vary from the pregnancy test kits available in the drugstore which are very expensive and can detect pregnancy even before a missed period (as early as 5-6 days to be precise., However, if you don’t mind waiting, you can use a dollar store pregnancy kit after having missed your periods.

Are Dollar Tree pregnancy tests sensitive?

Dollar Tree pregnancy tests are very popular and for good reason! When tested for sensitivity, they were found to show a positive result at just 25 mIU/mL, which is on the most sensitive range of all pregnancy tests on the market.

Are dollar store pregnancy tests less sensitive?

Dollar pregnancy tests have the same accuracy rate as more expensive tests. That said, some more expensive home pregnancy tests are designed to be faster or easier to read. So, there are some advantages to paying a little extra if you need a quick answer or think you might struggle to read the test results.

Can you trust dollar store pregnancy test?

The answer is yes.

So, women asking the big question can rest assured that tests from both the drugstore and the dollar store are a safe bet. The more expensive versions may be easier to use or more sensitive (so you’ll know the answer sooner). But the bargain ones will work and are accurate.

How much HCG does Dollar Tree pregnancy test detect?

Sehwani and associates found that dollar pregnancy tests were 100% accurate at 25 mIU/mL of HCG and above, identical to the QuickVue pregnancy test. In fact, two of five that were tested at a lower level of HCG (20 mIU/mL) also were positive.

How accurate are dollar store pregnancy testing kits?

The difference with the sensitivity of Dollar Store pregnancy testing kits is that you have to wait until the first day of your missed period to get an accurate result. However, because of the cheap pregnancy test price, you can afford to buy a few strips and test every second day.

What is the hCG level on a dollar store pregnancy test?

Dollar Store tests have a range of hCG hormone that they can detect. The lower limit is the minimum hCG they need to function. Below that value, the test will behave as if no hCG is present. Most dollar store pregnancy kits sensitivity ranges from 25-40 mIU/mL. The hCG level, during the fourth week of pregnancy is around 25 mIU/mL.

Why does my dollar store pregnancy test come back negative?

Reasons for the false negative result by Dollar Store Test: Low hCG: At an early stage of pregnancy body doesn’t immediately shoot hCG production. If you take the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test at an early stage will give negative results.

What should you do after getting your dollar store pregnancy test results?

If you get a positive this time, you need to visit your doctor. A more accurate test, such as an hCG blood test, will give you a definitive answer whether you are pregnant or not. After you get your Dollar Store pregnancy test results, there are a few things that you should do based on the results.

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