How is the length of the femur measured?

Descriptions of variable measured. Most proximal point of head to the upper border of lesser trochanter. The linear distance between the medial and the lateral epicondyles of the femur. The measurement is taken right angle to the shaft axis.

How is femur length measured in adults?

Femur length was measured as the length between the proximal and distal ends of the femur while the subject was sitting straight on a specially designed measurement box, with the right knee bent at a 90° angle (8). Measurements were taken to the nearest tenth of a centimeter for both standing height and femur length.

How do you measure your femur height?

To calculate the estimated height based on the person’s femur, first measure the femur in centimeters. If the subject is female, multiply the length by 2.47 and add 54.1 to arrive at the approximate height. If the subject is male, multiply by 2.32 and add 65.53.

What is the normal length of a femur?

The length of the average femur is about a quarter of a person’s height. Let’s say you’re about 5’6”: that means your femurs are each around 17 inches long! Image from Human Anatomy Atlas.

What is the average femur length and height?

The mean of femur length and height was 41.18cm ± 0.03 and 164.47cm ± 0.65 respectively for the sample population in the male, the female length and height was 41.79cm ± 0.16 and 167.50cm ± 0.78 respectively, while in the female population the femur length was 40.82cm ± 0.26 and the height in 161.90cm ± 0.95.

How do you measure the edges of the femur?

Measurement of the femur closest to the probe (this is typically easy to achieve). Insonation angle of 90° (to identify the true edges of the femur). Appropriate magnification of the femur (at least 30% of the image).

How to measure the height of Oguta inhabitants using femur length?

This research was carried out to determine the height of adult population of Oguta inhabitants using the femur length. The femur length of 200 adults (male 123, female 77) aged 22 and 70 was taken using a non stretchable tape to measure the distance between the greater trochanter as palpated and lateral condyle of the femur.

What is the value of R for femur length?

In the male population the value of r is 0.9927 while in the female population it is 0.9126. The values of r in this study showed that there is high correlation between the femur length and height of an individual.

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