How do I shorten the sows lactation period?

Factors Affecting Reproduction Numerous factors contribute to lower sow reproductive performance. Anestrus, lower conception and farrowing rates and smaller litter sizes have been directly linked to reducing lactation length from the optimal 28-35 days. Use of properly managed drip coolers will increase sow feed intake by 20-25% during hot weather. Wetting sow feed at feeding will also increase feed intake by about 2 lb./sow/day, but is a very time-consuming chore. If feed is available to them, lactating sows will consume 20-25% of their daily intake in late evening and during the night.

How long should be lactation period of a lactating sow?

A 21 day lactation length and initial piglet birth weight of 3 lbs are assumed under thermoneutral conditions. Two examples for Parity 1 sows are provided, with one sow having greater milking production and feed intake, but losing more body weight and condition compared to the other.

How long does a sow produce colostrum?

At farrowing, sows produce colostrum for about 24 hours. This helps piglets on their way, as they are born without any antibodies to protect them.

Which additional vitamins are beneficial for gestating and lactating sows?

In addition, recent research shows that additions of folic acid and biotin may improve sow and litter performance when added to gestation and lactation diets.

What is the expected date of weaning the litter?

In theory, the interval between litters is 141 days for weaning at 21 days and 148 days for weaning at 28 days.

How can we shorten average lactation lengths?

Big improvements in weaned pig diets, disease eradication strategies and sow performance have shortened average lactation lengths.

How do you cool down a sow during lactation?

Another effective method to cool sows during lactation is the installation of nose coolers. In farrowing rooms that use negative pressure systems with a plenum as the air inlet source, a tube can be connected to the plenum and directed to the bottom of the farrowing crate near the sow’s nose while she is lying down.

What happens to a sow during lactation?

Unlike other species, the sow remains in a state of anestrus during lactation. In this state, two events occur that affect her ability to produce a large litter. First, ovarian and pituitary hormonal activities are suppressed throughout lactation by the suckling influence of the baby pigs.

How can I maximize sow feed intake in lactation?

Therefore, a major objective of the farrowing barn staff must be to maximize sow feed intake without upsetting the sow. Composition of the lactating sow diet is also important, but is secondary to feed intake. Familiarity with some of the major factors affecting sow feed intake in lactation is essential to achieving high feed intake levels.

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