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Heartburn During Pregnancy? These tips really help!

Heartburn in the Pregnancy? These tips really help!

In this article you will learn the following

Heartburn during pregnancy is annoying. Increased salivation, frequent belching and an unpleasant burning sensation in the throat and chest area are among the most common complaints during pregnancy.

You can find out how heartburn occurs, what it means for you and your baby and how it can be successfully relieved You in this post.

What is the connection between heartburn and pregnancy?

Who does not know it: This unpleasant burning sensation in the throat. Heartburn. This condition is particularly common during pregnancy. But why does heartburn mainly occur during pregnancy?

The unpleasant sensations of heartburn are caused by the body itself: throughout the digestive tract there are fluids that help to break down and utilize ingested food. Due to gastrointestinal movements, some of these digestive juices rise up into the esophagus.

Because the mucous membrane located here is thinner and more sensitive than that of the rest of the digestive tract, it is irritated by the acid mixture. The noticeable result of this is an unpleasant burning sensation.

The causes of the resulting heartburn are varied. In addition to certain foods, increased intestinal activity, stress or illnesses come into consideration. But the physical changes during pregnancy can also promote the occurrence of heartburn.

According to current scientific knowledge, the hormone progesterone plays a key role. It causes pregnant women's muscle tissue to loosen up, making it more flexible and stretchy.

This is important to accommodate baby's literally growing need for space. Unfortunately, the hormone is unable to differentiate between muscle groups. It also relaxes the otherwise tightly closed junction between the esophagus and stomach.

This increases the likelihood of digestive juices leaking out and causing heartburn. In addition, the growing uterus pushes the gastrointestinal tract together and allows even more acidic mixture to escape.

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Is heartburn endangering my pregnancy or my baby?


The further the pregnancy progresses, the more pronounced the consequences of this interaction.

They are particularly severe in the third trimester, because then your baby is already taking up a lot of space in the abdominal cavity. Only after the contractions have changed position does the heartburn subside. Pregnancy without the associated symptoms is extremely rare. Most women experience burning sensations behind the breastbone and in the larynx area during the last trimester with

  • heavy, sometimes sudden onset of salivation
  • frequent belching
  • Upper stomach
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation

to fight. This is often accompanied by a sour-bitter taste, which also comes from the rising digestive juices and leads to nausea in some sufferers. However, this symptom is not a consequence of the heartburn causes described above, but is to be understood as a reaction to the unpleasant taste.

There is no danger for your baby.

On the contrary :The increased production of progesterone supports its development by softening the muscles and providing space.

In addition, the side effects of heartburn prevent you from eating too much at once during pregnancy. In addition, the digestive work is delayed, so your body has more time to provide your little one with nutrients. Pretty clever, huh?

Of course, this does not change the unpleasant sensations of the phenomenon. But now that you know how positively heartburn affects the development of your baby, you might be able to bear it a little better.

Is it possible to prevent heartburn during pregnancy?

Unfortunately no . But it shows you that the phenomenon is not new and those affected have always wanted to get something positive out of it.

The tips found in ancient textbooks also give an idea of ​​this.

So advises Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) for heartburn in pregnant women for acupressure of the middle ball of the thumb – a procedure that can continue to be crowned with success. Press and hold the marked area firmly for 30 seconds and see or feel what happens.

In ancient Greece, on the other hand, scholars recommended special diets for heartburn during pregnancy. If possible, you should eat nothing sweet, nothing hot and nothing sour. And that's still current advice!

Heartburn during pregnancy? These Tips really help!

Fit & Happy in your pregnancy!

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