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Gifts for pregnant women – that's the best!

gifts forü r Pregnant women - that goes down best!

In this article you will learn the following

Who doesn't know it? Your girlfriend is pregnant and you would like to give her something.

But what is the best present for a pregnant woman? Do you think more about the baby and maybe give a toy or do you prefer to make the expectant mother happy?

Here are 7 great gift tips that will make both the mum-to-be and the baby happy.

Gift tip for pregnant women 1: Milestone cards

It's not always easy find the right gift for a pregnant woman. With the first gift tip, you not only make the recipient happy for the moment, but also for the future.

Give away so-called milestone cards!

Milestone cards are individually illustrated cards that you can put next to your baby, for example, and capture this moment in a photo.

They come in many different versions and can even be customized.

The variant “Baby's first year” is an example:

You will receive 40 different milestone cards that always match a special moment. For example: “Welcome home”. The photo of this card with your baby captures the moment when you come home with your newfound happiness after giving birth and maybe a few nights in the hospital.

Or the card: “My First Birthday” . This photo of the baby and the matching milestone card will be a nice memory later.

Of course it's a bit “work” for the moment, after all, with all the beautiful and unique moments you have to think of the right card and a photo shoot.

But if you leaf through the resulting photo album later, you will certainly be all the more happy about it.

Gift tip for pregnant women 2: memory album

The memory album is a perfect addition to the milestone cards.

When the baby is finally here, time flies by in an instant. At first, the new parents may not notice it that much, but as the months go by, time seems to be flying by incredibly fast. Babies crawl far too quickly, suddenly run, go to kindergarten.

And that's exactly why a souvenir album is so great: Mum and dad can enter all the memories and milestones that are important to them in their own words and maybe even add a suitable photo.

The souvenir album offers space for personal thoughts , dreams, wishes, big and small development steps, the first journey and much more.

An ideal gift for every pregnant woman.

Gift tip for pregnant women 3: plaster abdominal cast

Every pregnancy is unique. Even though it may not be the first pregnancy, it is always fascinating and impressive what the body can do wonderfully.

The baby bump is what you can see first and in which you are the baby develops and experiences this magical transformation from the egg cell to the finished human being. But: The baby bump disappears again after the birth.

So that mum can always remember this wonderful and unique time and can also see how her body has changed, give her a plaster cast of her baby bump.

There are kits you can make yourself or professional providers . The plaster cast creates memories you can touch.

Gift tip for pregnant women 4: Voucher for staying fit during pregnancy

Pregnancy is always quite a strain on the body and mind. Many pregnant women complain of being unwell, tired, and back pain, and of course they are also afraid that it will be difficult to get back into their “old” shape after pregnancy.

Give away a voucher for the pregfit program! Pregfit is THE online fitness platform for pregnant women. There the pregnant women get individual and personalized training plans, which they can use to train in a relaxed atmosphere at home and without any additional equipment.

You will help your pregnant friend to be fit and in a good mood during her pregnancy feels stronger and starts the recovery after the birth.

Go’to the vouchers directly.

Gift tip for pregnant women 5: diaper bag

This gift tip is a really personal insider tip. You get a lot of things for free that are meant to be nice, but you rarely use them or don't really need them.

It's different with a beautiful and practical diaper bag. The diaper bag is always in use as soon as the baby is born.

Make sure it has space for wet wipes, fresh diapers and storage space for creams or the like. It is best if the diaper bag is designed in such a way that it can also be used as a changing mat.

Gift tip for pregnant women 6: Baby belly shoot

Who doesn't like to look back on beautiful moments ?

Pregnancy is a very emotional period in a woman's life. Often you don't even have the opportunity to capture it with really nice photos. That's why there are professional baby bump shoots. And don't worry, there's something for every taste.

Gift tip for pregnant women 7: Massage

Because pregnancy can also be exhausting for body and mind, wellness is a must and relaxation is always a welcome gift.

With a pregnancy massage, the baby benefits from the gentle relaxation just like the mother.

Practical: If the mother-to-be cannot redeem the voucher, she can they still use it later for a regular massage.