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Getting pregnant: With these 5 tips it will definitely work!

Pregnant become: With these 5 tips it will definitely work!

In this article you will learn the following

You would like to get pregnant? But that's sometimes easier said than done.

Here we will tell you which important bodily signals you should pay attention to and how you can help your body to adjust to the desired offspring.

< p>Also read how your diet influences your desire to have children and collect tips to get pregnant quickly.

How do I get pregnant?

Do you already see yourself with your newly born baby in your arms? Perhaps you already have very precise plans as to what the future children's room should look like? The only thing missing to make your happiness perfect is having a child with your partner. Sometimes it doesn't work on the first try and many women ask themselves the question: „How do I get pregnant?„.

Unfortunately, there is an answer to this question no general answer. It depends on various factors if and when a woman is anatomically ready to have a baby. Especially if you used hormonal contraception to protect against an unwanted pregnancy, it can take a while before your hormone balance has settled again and you can get pregnant naturally.

But diet, your physical fitness and lifestyle can also make pregnancy more difficult or more favorable. If it doesn't work out that you get pregnant even after a longer period of trying, you should take a close look at your lifestyle. Sometimes small changes can work wonders.

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Get to know your cycle and use your fertile days to get pregnant

From a purely biological point of view, in order for the desire to have children to be fulfilled, sperm and egg cells must fuse together. This can only happen if you have sex with your partner on your fertile days. So watch your body closely!

Important tips for getting pregnant are not only to watch your period, but also to keep an eye on your temperature and pay attention to your mood. These are all indicators that can help you identify the different phases in the female cycle and help you in your desire to get pregnant quickly.

It is best to keep a cycle diary or use an appropriate app. This indicates when your body is ready for the miracle of life. Normally, your body is ready for fusion with a suitable sperm cell for a maximum of six days a month. The fertile window, in which the egg cell can be fertilized, opens for 12 to 24 hours, after which the complete cycle starts again from the beginning.

If you have sex with your partner during this period, the probability of getting pregnant increases rapidly.

The best age to get pregnant quickly

Nature designed it that way that women between the ages of 20 and 30 are the easiest to get pregnant. The female body is fully developed and the body can cope well with pregnancy.

After the age of 30, fertility drops and women increasingly ask themselves, “How do I get pregnant?”. If it doesn't work after trying for a long time, physical indicators should be checked for both men and women. By the way, men's fertility decreases a little later, they only gradually lose their fertility after the age of 40.

How your diet can influence your fertility

Are you in the fertile age and neither at If you and your partner cannot find any organic causes that reduce your fertility, it is helpful to take a closer look at your diet.

A balanced diet rich in vitamins is very important if you want to have children, because a healthy and fit baby can only grow in a healthy and fit body. Since not only your body is involved in fertilization and thus in the success of the baby, your partner should also eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Lots of fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains and nuts – these are the getting pregnant tips from a nutritional point of view.

In addition, as future parents, you should avoid nicotine, alcohol and, of course, drugs. Women with an ideal weight also get pregnant faster than those who are struggling with being overweight or underweight.

Folic acid as a pregnancy booster?

At the top of the list of tips for getting pregnant is Again and again the term folic acid.

It is essential for cell division and cell growth and is therefore also called pregnancy vitamindesignated. And not without reason! If you are planning a pregnancy, folate, also known as vitamin B9, is important for you.

You can find it naturally in vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, spinach and legumes. But you can also take it as a dietary supplement if you are not sure whether your diet is balanced enough to ensure a high folic acid level.

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Exercise to increase your fertility

As already mentioned, both overweight and underweight can counteract successful fertilization. Even with an ideal body weight, you may not get pregnant as quickly as you would like.

If you increase your physical fitness, your chances of having a baby also increase.

That doesn't mean that you have to go to the gym every day and harden your muscles from now on. But just give it a try instead of taking the elevator or planning a long walk every day. Cycling to work or to friends instead of driving can also help your body to increase your fertility.

As mentioned at the beginning, sometimes it's just small changes that can help your desire to have children. At the same time, you minimize your stress through the small sports units every day. Excessive stress levels can also prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in your uterus.

Get pregnant: With With these 5 tips it will definitely work!

Fit & Happy in your pregnancy!

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