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Diastasis recti during pregnancy: you need to know that!

Rectus diastasis in the Pregnancy: You need to know that!

In this article you will learn the following

Your baby needs during pregnancy room to grow. Therefore, the two strands of the straight abdominal muscles diverge to create enough space.

This divergence, or this gap, is called diastasis recti.

How it develops In the following article, I will tell you what you should consider and what you absolutely must avoid.

What is diastasis recti?

The diastasis rectiis the divergence of the two abdominal muscle strands of the straight abdominal muscles (musculus rectus abdominis).

There is a “gap” in the middle of your abdomen.

This happens automatically during pregnancy to protect your baby to give enough space to grow. Otherwise, a rectus diastasis can also be caused by being overweight or improper strain (even in men).

The pair of abdominal muscles originates in the breastbone and attaches to the lower ligaments of the pelvis. The left and right sides of the muscle meet in the liea alba, a vertical suture of connective tissue. And this is exactly what widens when there is diastasis recti.

The linea alba is usually between one and two centimeters wide. During pregnancy, this gap can be more than a hand's breadth apart.

How do you recognize diastasis recti?

Triggers and symptoms:

Pregnancy is a typical one Trigger for a Diastasis Recti. Various hormones that prepare the body for pregnancy generally make muscles and tendons “more relaxed”, which also encourages the abdominal muscles to diverge.

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The symptoms are expressed when you can feel a clear gap in the middle of your stomach.

The best way to do this is to go to lay your back and lift your head. Now you can feel the gap with your fingers above the navel. If you need more than two fingers to “fill” the gap, there is a Diastasis recti.

If you are unsure, ask your physiotherapist. These are the experts in this field.

Another sign is a prominent belly. Sometimes it even looks like you're five months pregnant. And tension can also lead to a visible and palpable bulge.

What are the consequences of diastasis recti?

The task of your straight abdominal muscles is, among other things, to keep the torso stable and the pelvis straightened.

As the pregnancy progresses, rectus diastasis can manifest itself as back pain, hip pain or pelvic floor problems.

Birth can also be made more difficult by diastasis recti because the abdominal muscles cannot really work to “push” your baby out.

Rectus diastasis in pregnancy: The you need to know!

Fit & Happy in your pregnancy!

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