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Checklist for your pregnancy: Here are the most important tips!

Checklist for your pregnancy: Here are the most important tips!

In this article you will learn

Congratulations, you are pregnant! So that you can experience your pregnancy in a relaxed, fun and above all stress-free manner, we have put together a checklist for your pregnancy with the most important tips.

Here you can find out what is best to apply for and when to arrange for a midwife or how many birth certificates to apply for.

First trimester checklist


  • Determination of pregnancy

This is the first item on your pregnancy checklist. After you get a positive pregnancy test, you should make an appointment with your gynecologist. This determines the pregnancy, carries out the first check-ups, calculates the probable date of delivery and is happy to answer any questions. You will usually receive your maternity pass at the first appointment.

  • Find a midwife

Depending on where you live, it is highly recommended that you find a midwife relatively soon after you discover your pregnancy. It is best to ask your friends if they can recommend a good midwife. This is at your side before, during and after the birth with advice and action and is your confidant when it comes to babies and the like.

  • Notice to the employer< /li>

You should inform your employer about your pregnancy in good time. For some professions, a direct ban on employment takes effect with the announcement (if the work performed is hazardous to the health of mother and baby).

Don't worry, the employer is obliged to treat this information confidentially and you can decide who your work environment gets the good news and who doesn't. It makes sense to plan the next steps with your employer in good time, for example what the parental leave should look like, etc.

You can find more information about the first trimester of pregnancy here.

Checklist for your pregnancy: Here are the most important tips!

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Checklist for the second trimester


  • Organize a daycare place

< p>It may sound strange, but in big cities like Hamburg and Berlin there is a big shortage of daycare places. There are simply not enough places for the number of children. Find out from friends and acquaintances whether they can recommend a good day care center. It should have a good pedagogical concept, have a good care ratio, if possible have its own outdoor area and not be too far from your home.

It is best to look at a few alternatives and clarify the most important questions on site. Therefore, take care of this point on the checklist for your pregnancy in good time.

  • Choose a hospital or birth center and register for the birth

Most hospitals offer information evenings for expectant parents. You can often visit the delivery rooms and the maternity ward there. This is important because you should have a good feeling when choosing a hospital. Also likes to compare several houses. The events are usually free of charge. The same applies to birth centres.

  • Register for a birth preparation course

There are many different providers of birth preparation courses. It's best to inquire about what's available. Often there are midwife practices, parent schools and hospitals. It makes sense to register in good time and in advance, as these courses fill up quickly.

  • Maternity benefit

Find out in good time whether you are entitled to maternity benefit. You will usually receive this six weeks before and eight weeks after the birth.

  • Arrange a dentist appointment

To be on the safe side a dentist appointment to check your teeth and gums. Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, your teeth and gums are more vulnerable than usual.

  • Application for paternity (for unmarried parents)

If you are not married, please apply for acknowledgment of paternity in good time. You can obtain this from the registry office, district court, youth welfare office or a notary.

It makes the most sense to go to the registry office, since all certified copies have to be presented there anyway. For the issue you need your identity cards, your birth certificates and the maternity pass. Keep in mind that any birth certificates or documents from abroad can take a long time to reach the right registry office.

By the way, you can find more information about the second trimester of pregnancy here.

Checklist for the third trimester


  • Applications for parental allowance & Prepare child benefit

You can already fill out the applications for parental benefit and child benefit and prepare that you can send everything away together when the birth certificates are available. This will save you any stress after the birth.

  • Pack your hospital bag

To be on the safe side, pack your hospital bag about eight weeks before the due date . Everything you need should be in there. Clothes, toilet bag, a towel, maybe music? Definitely also important documents, such as mom and dad’s birth certificates.

  • Health insurance

Ask your health insurance company how the baby can be insured and get an offer.

  • Important telephone numbers

Write If you have not already done so, write down the most important telephone numbers and put them in a central place. For example the number of the transport that is supposed to take you to the hospital or the number of the delivery room if you are not sure when it is best to leave.

  • Pediatrician

Have friends or your midwife recommend you a good pediatrician. He should best be close to you. The U1 and U2 are often done in the hospital, but you need a pediatrician by the third U-examination at the latest. It's best to call and ask the practice directly how best to proceed.

These were the most important points for your pregnancy checklist.

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