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Can I eat stremel salmon when pregnant?

May I have stremellachs in the eat while pregnant?

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During pregnancy, there are a few things that you should do without in order to avoid infections and the risk to your child. This includes some fish products. What about eating stremel salmon during pregnancy?

What is stremel salmon and how is it made?

Stremel salmon originally comes from East Prussia. The salmon is cut into strips, “stremel”, and smoked hot. The fish cooks at temperatures of more than 70° degrees. In contrast to smoked salmon, which is smoked cold at around 20° to 30° degrees, stremel salmon has a firm consistency and a more intense smoky taste.

Consumption of stremel salmon during pregnancy

Compared to other smoked fish, stremel salmon is hot smoked and therefore does not belong on the prohibited list. However, there is still a small risk of infection, as fish that has been cold or hot smoked spoils quickly, so it is better to be on the safe side and avoid stremel salmon during pregnancy. What you could do is put the packaged stremel salmon in the oven at around 150°C for a few minutes to kill any pathogens that may still be inside.

Fish is healthy when you are pregnant

< p>Fish is highly recommended during pregnancy as it contains healthy fats. Just make sure the fish has been fully heated by grilling or frying. Fried herrings are therefore allowed during pregnancy, for example. Even fish specialties that have been pickled for a long time, such as matjes or rolled mops, are not allowed, as they could still contain pathogens.

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