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Can I eat Rollmops when pregnant?

May I rollmops in the eat while pregnant?

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When pregnant, there are so many foods and dishes to avoid to avoid getting infected. In addition to numerous types of sausage and cheese, this also includes some fish products. How about the delicious Rollmops?

What is Rollmops and how is it prepared?

Rollmops consists of a boned, marinated herring fillet, which is filled with vegetable ingredients, rolled and then fixed with a wooden stick. The filling usually consists of gherkins, onions and spices.
First the herring are gutted, boned and the head and fins removed. These herring fillets, which are still attached at the back, are then pickled in water, vinegar and salt to create “sour rags”. After a few days, the herrings have matured. These can now be filled: For this purpose, the herrings are coated with mustard on the inside and then filled with gherkins, onions and spices. Rolled mops are mainly served as finger food.

Consumption of Rollmops during pregnancy

Since Rollmops is made from raw herring, you should avoid it during pregnancy. When it comes to Rollmops, it is often assumed that it is heavily salted and acidified when it is soaked, so that bacteria can no longer survive. If you want to be on the safe side, I would advise against eating Rollmops. It's the same with matjes, which has also been pickled for a long time. Unfortunately, smoked fish specialties such as smoked salmon and stremel salmon are not allowed during pregnancy either. However, fish is very healthy and recommended during pregnancy, so just fry, grill or boil the fish. There are so many delicious dishes out there. 🙂 For example, fried herring is allowed during pregnancy.

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