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Birth preparation course: How useful is it really?

Birth preparation course: How useful is it really ?

In this article you will learn the following

You are pregnant for the first time ? Then you certainly feel a little insecure when you think about the upcoming birth, don't you?

A birth preparation course explains what you can expect and how you can best deal with it. Exciting questions can be answered and you can get to know other pregnant women.

Does such a course really make sense? We'll explain.

Birth preparation course: Why should you attend such a course?

During your first pregnancy in particular, you don't really know what you can expect from the upcoming birth. “Is that normal? Am I doing everything right? How can my partner support me during the birth?”

Of course, this can lead to insecurity and sometimes also to fears and worries. Perhaps you have already heard a story or two from your circle of friends?

This is exactly what childbirth preparation courses are for: In these courses there is enough space for all questions that arise. The course instructors are very experienced and give you the necessary self-confidence for the forthcoming birth.

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What happens in such a course?


What topics are actually dealt with in a childbirth preparation course? As a rule, on the one hand content for preparing for the birth is discussed and of course also practiced “live” and on the other hand it is about preparing for parenthood.

The most common content is:

  • Clarification of questions:

How does a birth go? How do I know it's starting? What does the baby do in the womb during birth? What are the contractions? how do they feel And of course many more. Feel free to ask anything you want to know!

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques:

Breathing plays a crucial role in a better body awareness and can also help make childbirth easier. The instructor will show you some special techniques for breathing during and between contractions. Have fun imitating it 😉

  • The different phases of birth
  • Tasks for the partner, or what the partner can do to support
  • What painkillers are available during childbirth
  • What can anything happen during childbirth and what are the options? (Induction of labor, caesarean section)
  • Which positions can make childbirth easier? What options does a delivery room offer?
  • Visit to a delivery room: The course leader explains everything and this knowledge often gives you a good feeling and less anxiety afterwards.
  • The time after the birth: What do you have to consider in childbirth? How do you swaddle a baby? How to dress a baby safely? How does breastfeeding work?

There is always enough room for personal questions in the birth preparation courses. Don't be afraid to ask anything that worries you. The course instructors can often explain everything to you very well, taking away any fears you may have and giving you tips on how to be optimally prepared for the birth.

The contact with other pregnant women is also great: this is how you can get to know each other exchange ideas with like-minded people and the contact often continues until after the birth.

Birth preparation course with a partner?


There are different types of birth preparation courses.

Typically, this is done Knowledge imparted within 14 hours. A course then often lasts 7 weeks, with one day per week of two hours each.

If this period is too long for you, you can also book a compact course, which then takes place over a weekend.

There are courses that are only offered to the expectant mothers and there are courses in which the partners also take part are allowed.

Sometimes the partners are only present on certain dates, sometimes throughout the course.

The various birth preparation courses are covered by health insurance for the mothers-to-be. The expectant dads usually have to bear the costs themselves. It is best to clarify this with your health insurance company or with your partner's health insurance company.

When should you start taking a birth preparation course?

There is no perfect time for the birth preparation course. However, it makes sense if your pregnancy is a little further along, but not too close to the calculated due date.

It is best if the course ends about three to four weeks before the planned birth date.

Multi-week childbirth preparation courses are usually divided into seven to eight weeks. This means that your childbirth preparation course should start around the 28th week of pregnancy (third trimester of pregnancy).

This point in time also has another advantage: you have already been able to gather a few impressions, you can already feel your child and maybe even already had the first practice contractions. And maybe you can already ask specific questions?

The courses are very popular and often fully booked! Once you have decided on a course, it is better not to wait too long to register. It's better to register a little earlier to be on the safe side.

Birth preparation course: How useful is it really?

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Where can I take a birth preparation course?

There are various options and providers.
Birth preparation courses are offered, for example, in hospitals, in midwifery practices, in birthing centers or in parents' schools.

Inform yourself It is best to find out in advance which courses are available in your area.

Due to the corona pandemic, it is unfortunately no longer possible to attend a birth preparation course “live”. Therefore, be sure to look for online alternatives.

There are great offers that give you the feeling of being there.

It's best to clarify with your health insurance company beforehand whether the costs will be covered.

Childbirth class: How useful is it really?

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