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Back pain during pregnancy: This helps against it!

Back pain in the Pregnancy: That helps against it!

In this article you will learn the following

Back pain during pregnancy is common spread. At least half of all pregnant women suffer from them. The pain can severely affect everyday life.

If the pain is too severe, it can also affect night sleep or sexual activity.

But why is back pain so common during pregnancy? How are they formed? And what can you do about it as a sufferer?

The cause of back pain during pregnancy

There are many possible causes of back pain during pregnancy. Women who suffered from back pain before conception often have the same problems while carrying their baby.

Is back pain normal during pregnancy?

Basically, your body changes enormously during pregnancy. By releasing various hormones, it sets processes in motion that are intended to create space for the unborn child. Eventually it will grow inside your belly and will be about 50cm tall by the time you are born.

Because of this, the properties of your ligaments, muscles and connective tissue change. They are stretched and relaxed, which means that the circumference of the abdomen increases significantly over the course of pregnancy and the body is prepared for childbirth. But this loosening also leads to a loss of stability.

The pelvic floor and the back are particularly affected by this loss of stability and pain can occur.

When does back pain start during pregnancy?

Your baby has loosening of your ligaments and tendons enough space in the stomach and can grow properly.

Of course, this leads to overweight, which pulls you forward. Many pregnant women compensate for this excess weight with a hollow back, which can also cause back pain.

It really starts in the second trimester.

In addition, there is weight gain (click here for the relevant article) due to pregnancy. If bones, joints and muscles are not moved enough, they often cause pain.

Therefore: Movement & Sports are so important. This allows you to strengthen your muscles, stabilize your spine and actively counteract back pain.

What you can do against back pain during pregnancy

Even if some discomfort during pregnancy is hardly avoidable, there are still some ways you can relieve yourself if you suffer from back pain. This way you can concentrate better on preparing for the baby and are not distracted by constant pain.

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Nevertheless, if you suffer from severe pain or the pain occurs very early in the pregnancy, you should consult your doctor. He can precisely clarify the causes of the symptoms and treat possible complications that could negatively affect the birth or the development of your child.

Strengthening your back before pregnancy

A good preventive measure against back problems during pregnancy is to strengthen your back before conception. If you exercised before you became pregnant, you'll be in a better position when your body changes.

But even if you weren't athletic before you got pregnant, you don't have to put up with back pain. Because even as a pregnant woman, you can still do a lot to get relief.

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Exercise in everyday life relieves the strain on your back


Even if people tend to take it easy when they are in pain, you should move. A walk in the fresh air, for example, is ideal.

Pain makes your muscles tense. The movement and the oxygen help your body to relax again. A walk can also take your mind off things and keep you fit.
But make sure you don't overdo it.

Targeted relaxation against back pain

One is movement very important to counteract back pain, on the other hand, targeted relaxation techniques can also provide you with relief.

If you have pain in the pelvic or lumbar vertebrae, the stepped position is a very good way to relieve tense muscles.

To do this, lie on your back on a hard surface. For example, place your lower legs on a chair so that your thighs are vertical. If your stomach is already very large and this position is uncomfortable for you, you can put a pillow under your pelvis.

Heat on the affected areas often helps against the pain. To do this, take a warm bath or place a heat pad on the painful area. A gentle massage can also have a very soothing and relaxing effect on your back.

To protect your back at night, you can hold a nursing or pregnancy pillow between your legs while lying on your side. At the same time, place the pillow under your stomach to support it. This relieves the spine and reduces pain.

Combat back pain during pregnancy with exercises and sport

The everyday movement sequences are often not sufficient to build up muscles in a targeted manner. It is therefore often necessary to relieve back pain during pregnancy through exercise and sport.

But you should not do every sport when you are pregnant. You can find out more about this in our article „Sports during pregnancy„.

Swimming is a popular sport for pregnant women and one that is very beneficial for back pain. Because the water carries you as you move, you feel much lighter and freer. But light walking would also be a possible sport.

Yoga, Pilates or bodyweight exercises specially tailored to pregnancy can strengthen your back with gentle and calm movements. Since you only work with your body weight and the movement sequences are carried out very slowly, the risk of injuries or overloading is almost zero.

It also promotes your own body awareness. You will soon feel that your back pain during pregnancy will be relieved by the training. But which exercises are the right ones for you?

Our pregfit.de team can help you to create a training plan tailored to your individual needs. We will work out the training units with you through our fitness check and tailor them specifically to your back problems.

We draw from a pool of over 100 different body weight exercises that are particularly suitable for pregnant women. We will support you in strengthening both your muscles and your endurance.

With our training program you are as flexible as possible and still professionally supervised. You can do all the exercises at home and after a few weeks we will check your fitness and adjust your training plan if necessary. Your symptoms will soon improve and you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy again.

Back pain during pregnancy: That helps!

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Aids for back problems during pregnancy

Back pain can occur even with strengthened muscles. If this is the case, you can relieve your back with a special pregnancy belt. You wear this underneath your stomach so that it supports and lifts it slightly. The belt also stabilizes your abdomen, helping your back to carry the extra weight. But even if you wear this belt, you should keep your back strong and strong.

As you can see, you don't just have to put up with back pain during your pregnancy. There are many ways to relieve your back and alleviate the banter.