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Babymoon: Enjoy a holiday for two again!

Babymoon: Another vacation Enjoy for two!

In this article you will learn the following

Many pregnant women have concerns and doubts whether you can and are allowed to travel at all during your pregnancy. We say yes – definitely! Of course you should feel good and healthy. But then nothing stands in the way of the so-called babymoon.

Babymoon – One last time for two

Babymoon: Enjoy another vacation for two!

After the first few weeks, when the symptoms typical of pregnancy such as nausea, discomfort and tiredness gradually subside, it makes sense to have a nice time with your partner again to enjoy for two, the babymoon.

You really deserve it.

A pregnancy like this is super exciting, but also exhausting for body and mind. And when your baby is with you later, everything will be different. Of course you don't need to worry that you won't have any more romantic hours together for the next eighteen years, but a lot is changing.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to really enjoy this time during pregnancy and just take time for yourself. Relax together, look forward to your future with your baby together.

When is the best time?


The best The time for your babymoon vacation is the second trimester of pregnancy. So between the 14th and 28th week of pregnancy.

You have survived the first few weeks, when the body has to get used to the new situation (hormonal balance, etc.). The belly isn't too big yet and doesn't particularly “disturb” you. For example on an airplane or when driving a car. Your stomach doesn't limit you on excursions or activities either.

Of course you can also travel earlier or later, but the second trimester is the best travel time for your babymoon. To be on the safe side, clarify your travel plans with your gynecologist or midwife, then nothing stands in the way of recovery.

Babymoon: Enjoy another vacation for two ;en!

Fit & Happy in your pregnancy!

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