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Abdominal muscle training during pregnancy: this is allowed!

Abdominal muscle training in the Pregnancy: This is allowed!

In this article you will learn the following

You like to do sports, keep Are you fit and don't want to do without your abdominal muscle training during your pregnancy?

Here you can find out exactly how to do it best, on what you absolutely have to pay attention to and what you should avoid.

Exercise during pregnancy

In principle, one can say that sport during pregnancy is good for the body and mind.

Through exercise you can recharge your batteries and get a better mood. In addition, you actively do something against pregnancy-related water retention and prevent typical back problems (also – and especially – through special abdominal muscle training during pregnancy).

Back pain is one of the most common problems in pregnancy. A pregnant woman's body gains a relatively large amount of weight in a short period of time – especially on the abdomen and breasts. As a result, the body automatically assumes a different posture and it is not uncommon for the typical pregnancy-related back pain to occur.

This can be reduced by specific abdominal muscle training during pregnancy and strengthening exercises, especially for abdominal muscles and back.

Abdominal muscle training during pregnancy: The here is allowed!

Abs training during pregnancy – what should you pay attention to?

First things first: Sport and exercise is good for you. However, as soon as you feel pain, dizziness or discomfort, stop your training and get advice from your doctor or midwife to be on the safe side.

Otherwise, the following applies: moderate training will help you get through the pregnancy fit and healthy.

Abs training during pregnancy: this is allowed!

Fit & Happy in your pregnancy!

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The following applies to abdominal muscle training during pregnancy: if the pregnancy proceeds without complications, there is nothing to be said against it.

Up to the 20th week of pregnancy you can also train the straight abdominal muscles Halfway through pregnancy, the straight abdominal muscles give the growing baby bump the necessary space and spread slightly.

If you continue to train the straight abdominal muscles in a targeted – and above all dynamic – manner during pregnancy, for example with sit-ups, you will force the so-called rectus diastasis and the gap between the straight abdominal muscles will increase.

Therefore, we recommend it to train abs with static exercises. This prevents the straight book muscles from being put under too much strain as a result of the rolling movements.

Static exercises, such as all variants of the classic plank, can be performed in a much more controlled and calm manner. In addition, static exercises often involve multiple muscle groups that would otherwise have to be trained separately -in-the-pregnancy-this-here-is-allowed-f0e8336.jpg” alt=”Abs training during pregnancy: this is allowed!” />

What happens to the abdominal muscles during pregnancy?

During your pregnancy, your baby needs enough space to grow. To do this, your straight abdominal muscles have to diverge. This is made possible by the hormonal changes in your body. Your muscles, ligaments and tendons will become „more relaxed“.

One of the main tasks of the straight abdominal muscles is to keep your torso stable. But since this becomes a little more difficult during pregnancy, your other, namely the oblique & take over the lateral abdominal muscles.

Training of the lateral abdominal muscles during pregnancy

Training the lateral abdominal muscles is also very important. You can train these during the entire pregnancy.

They are also particularly important because they support and hold the stomach. With good and correct training of your lateral abdominal muscles, you can effectively prevent back pain.

In our pregfit program, we do not use dynamic abdominal muscle exercises for the straight abdominal muscles. Instead, we have great static alternatives that are optimal to perform each week of pregnancy.

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Abs training during pregnancy: This is allowed!

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