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3rd week of pregnancy: What happens in the third week of pregnancy?

3rd week of pregnancy : What happens in the third week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn the following

In the 3 week week (third week of pregnancy) fertilization occurs. You can find out exactly what happens in this article in this article:

  • What happens in the 3rd week of pregnancy?
  • What happens during fertilization?

3 weeks of pregnancy: What happens in the third week of pregnancy?

In the third week of pregnancy, your egg is fertilized. During this time, the egg cell migrates through the uterus and you have your fertile phase. You can read how you can better recognize your fertile phase in the article on the second week of pregnancy.

What happens during fertilization?

If you are planning a pregnancy, fertilization should take place at the time of your ovulation take place.

Millions of sperm swim through the uterus to reach the egg. Not everyone can do this, however: there are many malformed sperm that, for example, cannot swim forward. Others give up on the way.

Only a sperm finally manages to reach the egg cell and penetrate the cell nucleus. At this point, the male and female genetic information merges and it is already clear whether it will later be a boy or a girl.

In the following days, the cell divides several times and an embryo is formed.

During the 3rd week of pregnancy, it migrates from the fallopian tube to the uterus, which it usually reaches at the beginning of the following week of pregnancy. When it arrives, it already consists of around 70 to 100 cells.

Outward signs of pregnancy are not yet recognizable at this early stage, since most pregnant women in the 3 week of pregnancy do not even know that they are pregnant are.

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