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35th week of pregnancy: What happens in the 35th week of pregnancy?

35th week of pregnancy : What happens in the 35th week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn the following

In the 35th week of pregnancy ( 35th week of pregnancy) you are probably already on maternity leave. Now it's time to put your feet up and relax. This article answers the following questions:

  • What happens in the 35th week of pregnancy?
  • How big is my baby at 35 weeks?
  • What happens to my body at 35 weeks?
  • Custody: What do I have to consider if we are not married?< /li>

35. SSW: What happens in the 35th week of pregnancy?

By the ninth month, your baby already has a very good chance of surviving outside the womb. If it is already announced now, there is no reason to panic. The decisive factor is the development of the lungs: the lung tissue of the fetus has now produced sufficient surfactant. This protective substance ensures that the small air sacs in the lungs neither stick together nor collapse.

By the 35th week of pregnancy, the central nervous system is wrapped well enough to be able to implement the rhythmic breathing movement. This is essential so that the baby can breathe independently after birth.

How big will my baby be at 35 weeks?

In the 35th week of pregnancy, your baby is the size of a Futuro melon and is 46 cm long. It now weighs 2.5 kilos.

What happens to my body in the 35th week of pregnancy?

You're probably on maternity leave right now, pushing a pretty big ball in front of you. Even if it's exhausting: keep moving. This boosts the circulation, ensures good blood circulation and counteracts water build-up in your legs. After the small movement units you should rest. Put your feet slightly elevated on a pillow and try to relax.

Some pregnant women find it very difficult to come down before the birth. They still want to do a hundred things in their heads: wash baby clothes and put them in the drawers, assemble furniture for the children's room, run errands that you might still need. It's all in your head, but it's really simple: let someone else do it.

Those around you will certainly be happy to support you during this time and relieve you of these tasks. Your partner may even be relieved to have something to do and be able to distract themselves, because you are probably not alone in the excitement before the birth. Talk about it.

Custody: What if we're not married?

When a couple is married, after the child is born, both parents automatically have custody. If you are not married, custody is initially with the mother. Then you can submit a joint declaration to the youth welfare office or the notary before the child is born, stating that parental custody is to be shared between the two of you. The declaration of custody cannot be revoked, it can only be ended in court.

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