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34th week of pregnancy: What happens in the 34th week of pregnancy?

34th week of pregnancy : What happens in the 34th week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn the following

In the 34th week of pregnancy ( 34th week of pregnancy) you are already on the home straight. If your baby is born prematurely, the chances of survival are very high at 90 percent. This article answers the following questions:

  • What happens at 34 weeks?
  • How big is my baby at 34 weeks?
  • What happens to my body at 34 weeks?
  • What do my dreams mean during pregnancy?

34. SSW: What happens in the 34th week of pregnancy?

Everything is going according to plan! And even if you have a premature baby at 34 weeks, chances are your baby will continue to develop healthily.

However, what it cannot do at this point is regulate its own body temperature. Therefore, in the event of a premature birth, your baby would be placed in a warm bed, the incubator.

In the next few days it will gain weight again and also strengthen bone structure. Therefore, it is important that you consume enough calcium in the last trimester of pregnancy. This nutrient is also responsible for healthy nails. This is important to know, because from the 34th week of pregnancy the child's toenails and fingernails start to grow. When your child is born, the nails are still very soft. They do not need to be cut at this point as there is a risk of injuring the nail bed. You can only start nail care five weeks after the birth. There are special baby nail scissors with rounded tips for this.

In order to support the growth of nails during pregnancy, it is worth eating a diet rich in calcium. You can find calcium in dairy products in particular, but also in kale, rocket and broccoli. You can find out here how you can also influence the development of your child through a healthy diet.

How big will my baby be in the 34th week of pregnancy?

Your baby is in the 34th week of pregnancy. week of pregnancy already as big as a pineapple with a green crown. That corresponds to about 45 cm. It now weighs around 2.25 kilos.

What happens to my body in the 34th week of pregnancy?

can you still see your feet Your waist circumference is about to reach its maximum and you may already be longing for the birth. Your skin is now under a lot of tension, which is why your belly button also looks different. Around the 34th week of pregnancy, it flattens out and bulges outwards.

In addition, the Linea Negra often forms. This is a dark, harmless pigmentation that runs vertically from the belly button to the pubic bone and will fade again after birth. Spoil your growing belly with oil or moisturizer very often to support the stressed skin.

What do my dreams mean during pregnancy?

In the third trimester of pregnancy, you probably think more and more about the upcoming birth. Many pregnant women report that this is also noticeable in their dreams. Many experience high levels of excitement prior to delivery, which can lead to stress and nightmares. Researchers suspect that pregnancy hormones can also promote nightmares.

But it can also only happen that you dream more intensively and more realistically during pregnancy, since your sleep is not particularly deep, especially in the last trimester. You wake up faster more often and can therefore remember your dreams more often. Don't take nightmares too much to heart. You can read about what can also make your sleep more pleasant here:

  • Sleep on your side and support your stomach with a pillow
  • Massage a few drops of soothing lavender oil onto your temples
  • Stop eating heavy food in the evening
  • You can also drink valerian tea during pregnancy. It has a relaxing and sleep-inducing effect
  • Perhaps a little evening meditation will also help you, in which you concentrate entirely on yourself and your breathing

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