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31st week of pregnancy: What happens in the 31st week of pregnancy?

31st week of pregnancy : What happens in the 31st week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn the following

In the 31st week of pregnancy ( 31st week of pregnancy) your baby may already have turned into the birthing position. It's time to pack the hospital bag! This article answers the following questions:

  • What happens in the 31st week of pregnancy?
  • How big is my baby at 31 weeks?
  • What happens to my body in the 31st week of pregnancy?
  • What belongs in the hospital bag?

31. SSW: What happens in the 31st week of pregnancy?

It's getting tight. In the last few weeks you have often felt your child and could follow every movement. Don't be surprised if this is becoming increasingly rare.

Your baby lacks space, so he'll hold still in the typical fetal position: arms and legs bent, chin to chest. However, it is also possible that it has already turned and is lying with its head towards the birth canal.

The third pregnancy examination will provide information about this. If the fetus is not yet in the birthing position, it will be until 36 weeks' gestation.

Brain development is largely complete by 31 weeks of pregnancy. Now there are only further connections between the individual nerve cells.

How big is my baby in the 31st week of pregnancy?

In the 31st week of pregnancy, your baby weighs around 1.6 kilos. It is now about the size of a coconut and measures about 42cm.

What happens to my body at 31 weeks?

During the last trimester of pregnancy, symptoms such as shortness of breath, heartburn and dizziness. This can be quite stressful, especially if you're pregnant in the summer and it's already very warm.

So make sure you drink enough and exercise regularly to get your circulation going.

< p>Here is an overview of what you can do to counteract the individual pregnancy symptoms:

  • Heartburn
  • Circulatory problems
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Back pain
  • Water retention
  • Bladder weakness

What belongs in the hospital bag?

The better prepared you are for the birth, the more relaxed you look forward to it. An important to-do is therefore to pack the hospital bag for you, the baby and your partner. You should not forget the following things:

  • Documents: Maternity card, insurance card, your ID and that of your partner
    • Hospital bag for pregnant women:Three nightgowns, enough underwear made of natural fibers, comfortable clothes, a bathrobe, sanitary pads for post-bleeding, flip-flops, thick socks, nursing pads, lanolin cream (for sensitive nipples) and nursing bras, body care products and body oil, mobile phone charger, comfortable clothes for the mother Drive home, snacks
    • Baby's hospital bag: three long-sleeved rompers, socks, gloves, hat, clothes for the drive home , diapers, baby wipes
    • Hospital bag for your partner: Personal care products, change of clothes, underwear, pyjamas

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