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28th week of pregnancy: What happens in the 28th week of pregnancy?

28th week of pregnancy : What happens in the 28th week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn the following

In the 28th week of pregnancy ( 28th week of pregnancy) you are already in the seventh month. This article answers the following questions:

  • What happens in the 28th week of pregnancy?
  • How big is my baby at 28 weeks?
  • What happens to my body in the 28th week of pregnancy?
  • What happens at the third check-up?

28. SSW: What happens in the 28th week of pregnancy?

At 28 weeks your baby will continue to shed the soft lanugo hair. Real hair has been growing on his head for a few days. Eyebrows and eyelashes also begin to grow in this week of your pregnancy.

In the 28th week of pregnancy, the lungs continue to develop: the bronchial system branches and so-called surfactant is produced. This is a kind of gel-like coating on the alveoli that prevents them from sticking together. It also protects the bronchi from dirt.

However, only from the 35th week of pregnancy is there enough surfactant in the lungs of the fetus so that it can also breathe independently outside the womb without a lung machine. In the case of a premature birth, the child is given surfactant as a medication.

How big will my baby be at 28 weeks?

At the beginning of the seventh month, your baby is about the size of a lettuce and measures approximately 37cm. It now weighs around 1.1 kilos. But please note: The further the pregnancy has progressed, the more your baby's height and weight can deviate from the average values.

What happens to my body in the 28th week of pregnancy?

In the 28th week of pregnancy you may already be longing for the birth, because it is slowly becoming really exhausting.

Perhaps you have strengthened now Water retention in hands and feet. It's best not to wear rings anymore, because they would crush your fingers and you won't be able to get the jewelry off. You can try to relieve the swelling with alternating showers or cold wraps.

In addition, you should not sit or stand for too long, but keep moving to stimulate blood circulation. After that, take a break on the sofa. In order to relieve the spine, you should not lie on your back too much, but in a slight hunchback on your side. You can support your stomach with a pillow.

What happens at the third check-up?

The third check-up is a routine appointment during pregnancy. This takes place between the 28th and 32nd week of pregnancy. Your gynecologist will examine whether your baby is doing well. Particular attention is paid to whether your baby has already turned into the birth position. It slides a little deeper into the pelvis.

If the fetus has actually already turned in the 28th week of pregnancy, this could be a sign that it wants to be born before the expected date.< /p>

Your doctor will also examine the location of your placenta. In some pregnant women, it's in front of the cervix, so it could get in the way of childbirth. A symptom of this can usually be painless bleeding in the third trimester. If you notice bleeding, your gynecologist must be informed. Your placenta will then be kept under close scrutiny and, if necessary, further ultrasound examinations will be carried out before the birth.

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