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24th week of pregnancy: What happens in the 24th week of pregnancy?

24th week of pregnancy : What happens in the 24th week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn the following

In the 24th week of pregnancy ( 24th week of pregnancy) you may already feel your baby more clearly. This article answers the following questions:

  • What happens in the 24th week of pregnancy?
  • How big will my baby be in the 24th week of pregnancy?
  • What happens to my body in the 24th week of pregnancy?
  • What is the antibody screening test during pregnancy?

24th week of pregnancy: What happens in the 24th week of pregnancy?

Your baby is now gaining more and more weight. The reason for this is the so-called subcutaneous fat. As the name suggests, it is deposited directly under the skin of the fetus and ensures that, for example, the face no longer looks as wrinkled.

The skin loses its transparency. If you want to do a 3D ultrasound, now is the time: the face is clearly visible, the eyes are clearly defined and will open in the next few weeks. Even the dental splints, from which small milk teeth will later grow, are in place.

Meanwhile, another process in the child's body is also active: the liver and spleen are already producing white blood cells. Next, the bone marrow will take over this task. The child is gradually becoming more viable.

How big will my baby be at 24 weeks?

Your baby is now the size of a cabbage and measures about 31cm. It weighs around 700 grams.

What happens to my body in the 24th week of pregnancy?

In the 24th week of pregnancy, your body shows you more and more clearly what it is doing needs. During this time, many pregnant women notice that their stomachs become very hard in between. This is a sign of overload that you should take seriously. Treat yourself to some rest, maybe take a soothing bath and don't overexert yourself.

If your stomach doesn't relax, you have pain in the uterine area or lower back, and you notice a discolored vaginal discharge, it could be pre-term labor. Then please contact your gynecologist.

We have listed information about the different contractions in the last trimester of your pregnancy here.

What is the antibody screening test during pregnancy?

You already know that all sorts of tests will be carried out during your pregnancy to make sure you and your unborn child are doing well. Between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy, another test is to be repeated, which was also carried out during the first check-up during your pregnancy: the antibody search test.

During the first check-up, your gynecologist has already determined your blood group and Rhesus factor. If a specific protein is detected, you are Rhesus positive. If it is missing, you are Rhesus negative.

This is important information, because during pregnancy or childbirth there can be an exchange of blood between you and the baby. If you are rhesus negative but your child is rhesus positive, you automatically form antibodies against this protein. In the case of a second pregnancy, this could be dangerous for the next baby.

If the child in your second pregnancy is also Rhesus positive, the antibodies will attack its red blood cells. These are responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. If they are attacked and destroyed by the mother's body, the result can be anemia, which can be life-threatening for the unborn child.

These risks are discussed early on in the antibody screening test and your gynecologist can initiate the appropriate medical measures to protect you and your child.

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