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22nd week of pregnancy: What happens in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

22nd week of pregnancy : What happens in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn the following

In the 22nd week of pregnancy ( 22nd week of pregnancy) your baby continues to grow diligently. This article answers the following questions:

  • What happens in the 22nd week of pregnancy?
  • How big is my baby at 22 weeks?
  • What happens to my body at 22 weeks?
  • When should the partner apply for parental leave?

22. SSW: What happens in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

In the 22nd week of pregnancy it is particularly exciting to take a look at the brain of the unborn child. This makes great leaps in its development. It lies protected in the two halves of the skull. The gap between the halves of the skull, also called the fontanel, closes within the first two years of life. However, the brain itself continues to grow for at least three more years.

By 22 weeks, the brain has an area dedicated solely to growing new brain cells. At the same time, the brain sends increasingly clear signals to the body. The fetus now closes and opens its hands in a fairly controlled manner and the sense of touch is trained in the womb.

How big is my baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

Your baby is about the size of an eggplant at 22 weeks and measures about 27cm. It weighs about 420 grams.

What happens to my body in the 22nd week of pregnancy?

In the 22nd week of pregnancy, your need for magnesium increases. If your body is deficient in magnesium, it can lead to calf cramps or abdominal cramps. The uterus then contracts convulsively.

As a rule, the increased need during pregnancy can be easily covered by a balanced diet. You can find magnesium in the following foods:

  • Bananas
  • Dried figs and dates
  • Sunflower seeds, almonds and oat flakes

If your symptoms do not decrease as a result of targeted nutrition during pregnancy, you should you are looking to talk to your gynecologist.

When should your partner apply for parental leave?

As parents-to-be, have you already thought about parental leave? In Germany, more and more fathers are taking parental leave or their partners in same-sex relationships if they adopted the child after birth. Adoption is necessary in order for them to be registered as legal parents and be entitled to parental leave. The employment relationship is suspended during parental leave and will be resumed afterwards.

The legislator limits the duration of parental leave to a maximum of 36 months. Although it is possible to split parental leave as a father or partner, it begins at the earliest with the birth of the child and must last at least two months if you want to claim parental allowance. Parental allowance can only be claimed if it is a registered partnership or marriage.

If your partner would like to split up the parental leave, there are the following options:

  • The The first 12 of the total of 36 months can be used in the first 3 years of the child's life.
  • Parents can divide the remaining 24 months between the third and eighth year of the offspring – however, this entitlement expires if the employer changes during this time.

Parental leave should be discussed with the employer at an early stage so that it can then be optimally planned. Discuss with your partner how you want to divide up the time after the birth.

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