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20th week of pregnancy: What happens in the 20th week of pregnancy?

20th week of pregnancy : What happens in the 20th week of pregnancy?

In this article you will learn

Half time! If you are in your 20th week (20th week of pregnancy), you are already halfway through your pregnancy. This article answers the following questions:

  • What happens in the 20th week of pregnancy?
  • How big will my baby be in the 20th week of pregnancy?
  • What happens to my body in the 20th week of pregnancy?
  • Travelling while pregnant: what should I watch out for?

20. SSW: What happens in the 20th week of pregnancy?

If you haven't felt your baby before, you probably will now. It tickles you from within and you realize more and more clearly that you are sharing your body with another person. But don't be surprised if it's quieter sometimes. Your child now sleeps up to 20 hours a day.

During this time, a lot is happening in the head region of the fetus. The first hairs sprout in the 20th week of pregnancy. This time it's not just down, the lanugo hair that your child has been protecting for the last few weeks, but actual head hair.

There is also a lot going on in the facial area: the bones of the inner ear are now fully formed and the nose is developing its unmistakable shape, which can also be seen on ultrasound from the 20th week of pregnancy.

How big is my baby in the 20th week of pregnancy?

In the 20th week of pregnancy, your baby weighs an average of 330 grams and is around 25 cm long. In the second half of pregnancy, its size will double again and its weight will even increase tenfold.

What happens to my body in the 20th week of pregnancy?

In the 20th week of pregnancy, your stomach is already bulging significantly. From now on, he'll grow about an inch a week. At the same time, the abdominal muscles recede during pregnancy, which is why the back is less supported. You then tend to have an unnatural hollow back, which can put a strain on the intervertebral discs and spine.

A large proportion of pregnant women complain of back pain from the 20th week of pregnancy. To prevent this, you should integrate exercises into your workout that strengthen your core muscles.

At the same time, you should avoid training the straight abdominal muscles from the 20th week of pregnancy, because from the middle of pregnancy the straight abdominal muscles give the growing baby the necessary space and diverge slightly. This development is disturbed with exercises that strain the straight abdominal muscles. You can find out more information about abdominal muscle training during pregnancy here.

Travelling while pregnant: What should you watch out for?

The ideal travel time is between the 14th and 28th week of pregnancy. The possible initial problems of a pregnancy are usually over by this point and the belly is not yet so big that it is a hindrance. So many couples use the second trimester to go on vacation as a couple – also called Babymoon.

It is important to always discuss your planned vacation with your gynaecologist. Also make sure that there is good medical care and good hygiene at your travel destination.

Travel risks for pregnant women

But because you are pregnant, you should give up an adventure vacation. This includes, for example, avoiding malaria risk areas. You should also not expose yourself to the risk of contracting yellow fever, the ZIKA virus, hepatitis E or A. These diseases often take a more difficult course in pregnant women and are particularly dangerous for the baby.

Flying pregnant – what you need to know

Regardless of whether you are heading to your destination by car, train or plane, you should make sure that the travel route is not too is long. In order not to restrict the blood circulation in the pelvic area too much, make sure to get up and move again and again.

If you are planning a flight, it is best to reserve a seat with as much legroom as possible when booking. Put on compression stockings to reduce the risk of thrombosis and drink enough water. In addition, the seat belt should always be placed under the stomach on an airplane. A little tip: There are also extra straps for pregnant women.

Preparing for a trip during pregnancy

It goes without saying that you should also take your maternity passport with you in addition to your passport. Also check whether the medicines in your first-aid kit are also suitable for pregnant women, or ask your gynecologist if you are unsure.

Even if most pregnant women are doing well in the second trimester, you should take out travel cancellation insurance. It also makes sense to take out international health insurance. Pay attention to the fine print of all insurance policies and check carefully whether pregnancy complications are covered.

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