The 5 Homemade Pregnancy Test You Should Try

Becoming a mother is the main turning point in every woman’s life. Getting pregnant is a moment of happiness which brings untold joy in some people and distress and confusion to others. It all depends on the ladder one stands when receiving the news.

The early symptoms of pregnancy differ from one woman to another. Some may perhaps experience a lot of symptoms while the reverse is the case in others. It is required to take reliable homemade pregnancy tests to know if you are pregnant or not before raising hopes.

Before you start deliberating on making homemade pregnancy test, you have to to comprehend the importance. Here are a couple of reasons why homemade pregnancy tests might be beneficial for you.

  • Homemade pregnancy test are readily accessible: in the event that you find it difficult to get pregnancy test kit due to some reasons best known to you, you can easily use the ingredients available in your home.

  • Privacy: depending on your choice, you may not want to make it obvious that you are in need of a pregnancy test kit either because you are too young, shy or feel uncomfortable in the public eye. Using a homemade pregnancy test will likewise give you the luxury of privacy.

  • Peradventure you are adherent to natural techniques and don’t want to use packaged items, utilizing a homemade pregnancy test will guarantee that you only use natural ingredients to see if you are pregnant.

  • Cost effective: using a homemade pregnancy test is cost effective as no or little amount is required in achieving a reliable result.

Homemade pregnancy test identify pregnancy by examining the level of HCG present in the urine. Your body starts to produce HCG when a fertilized egg gets in your womb or uterus.

HCG is produced by cells that will form your baby’s placenta and may be detected in your urine within six to fourteen days of fertilization. All homemade pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to detect HCG in your urine after a day of your missed period.

Some corporally signs might also indicate pregnancy such as:

  • Tender or swollen breasts
  • Nausea
  • Missed period
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Food cravings


Here is a rundown of the frequently used and most efficacious pregnancy tests that you can make without much of a hassle at home. They are not costly and don’t take a great deal of time or preparation. You can make them at your own leisure and use when needed. Do not use too early in order not to end up with a false negative.


Sugar is an ingredient that will be found easily in any home and kitchen regardless of where you are, even if you come short of it, you can simply get it from a nearby store.

If you are choosing sugar as your homemade pregnancy test, it is good to know that you can only use it to test with your first urine as it is more concentrated.


  • Take a ton of water till your bladder is full before you take this test. You will have the capacity to feel the weight in your bladder and an incitation to urinate instantly, which will imply that your bladder is full indeed.

  • Add two to three tablespoons of crushed sugar in a bowl large enough to easily mix the urine and sugar. Once you get an incitation to urinate, urinate directly into the bowl. If you observe that the sugar begins to break down then it’s a negative, you’re not pregnant but if you observe that the sugar has started to form clusters in the bowl then it’s a positive.


Soap is a kind of substance you can’t get to do without, it is cheap, quick and not time consuming. The most interesting part is that you can use any variety of soap regardless of the color or scent. It is a trouble-free pregnancy test to perform.


  • Take a considerable measure of water till your bladder is full before you take this test. You will have the capacity to feel the weight in your bladder and get impelled to urinate instantly, which will imply that your bladder is full indeed.

  • Collect in a bowl your first morning urine, add a little amount of soap directly on the collected urine. Wait for two to three minutes, if this muddle begins to effervesce then you might be pregnant. No reaction would occur if you are not pregnant.


Toothpaste is found in all homes and it is one of the most popular things in making a home-based pregnancy test kit. You can use any brand of toothpaste as long as it is white in color and having no crystals.


  • Get a bowl that will be wide enough to contain a sample of your urine and add a spoon of toothpaste.

  • Take a considerable quantity of water till your bladder is full before you take this test. You will have the ability to feel the weight in your bladder and get driven to urinate right away, which will mean that your bladder is full indeed.

  • Put some of your urine sample in the bowl containing the toothpaste, wait for five to ten minutes, if the toothpaste changes to blue or stays foamy then you are pregnant. No change would occur if you are not pregnant.

The effectiveness of this technique depends on the amount of toothpaste used.

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