Dollar Store Pregnancy Test – Is It Really Worth Trying?

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Finding a better dollar store pregnancy test is essential for ladies who trust they are pregnant. Peradventure you presume you are pregnant, you may find yourself pondering precisely which pregnancy test would be good for you.

Pregnancy tests come in variety of sizes, shapes and price tags but they all do the same thing.

There are a few things to consider with regards to buying a pregnancy test such as:

  • Sensitivity : this is the most vital aspect, you need to be sure you are indeed pregnant or not, the more sensitive a pregnancy test is the more positive the result.
  • Accuracy : a pregnancy test that shows accurate results and doesn’t leave you doubting is what every lady would go for.
  • Cost : cost is a critical component, pregnancy tests ranges from one dollar to twenty dollars. This may leave you thinking if taking a one dollar test is probably the best step to take. But really, why take a pregnancy test of twenty dollars when you’ll absolutely get the same result with that of one dollar.

One of my friends was so perplexed about pregnancy that she had to use several pregnancy test kits (expensive ones) to check  whether she was pregnant or not. A gynecologist informed her about dollar store pregnancy test.

Dollar pregnancy test is just one dollar and it is known as the new choice pregnancy test and works effectively like any other home pregnancy test. On the off chance that you speculate you may be pregnant, you will have to use the absorbent tip of this kit to test your pee. You will get the result within three minutes of using this kit.

This pregnancy test simply works by its aptness to detect a hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine. At the point of conceiving, your body starts producing HCG, although, this hormone is not produced immediately. It will take some time probably chill for some days after your ovulation period before having a pregnancy test.

When ovulating, the egg undergoes fertilization by your partner’s sperm. Once the egg has been fertilized, it becomes embryo and spends few days travelling through your fallopian tube and once out of your fallopian tube, the egg starts to tunnel inside the coating of your uterus this is called implantation and it normally takes a week or thereabout between fertilization and implantation.

That is when your body starts developing the HCG hormone and it is also why you won’t know you are pregnant until you miss periods. The early morning urine has higher counts of GCG, so it is better to use the first urine in the morning to get accurate results. HCG cannot only be seen in the urine but in the blood as well.

This affordable pregnancy test is intended to detect the presence of HCG in your urine but it is not a very sensitive test. While it is 99% precise, it is not intended to detect low levels of HCG that is why it is better you chill till you miss your period before using this test to prevent false negative results.




When To Do Dollar Store Pregnancy Test


You will get signs and symptoms of pregnancy ensure you do not misunderstand these symptoms for that of menstrual period because they are similar.

A dollar store pregnancy test kit can be used when you notice the following:

  1. Tiredness : you start feeling weak and tired for unknown reasons. You may feel more exhausted as your pregnancy advances until your HCG levels come down. Being tired is one the early signs of pregnancy but it is frequently neglected since women feel the same way when their menstrual period is around the bend.


  1. Bosom tenderness : the rise in estrogen and progesterone levels causes changes in the body as well as enlargement of bosoms due to the increase in blood flow. The bosoms and nipples will get dinghy and sore.


  1. Missed period : this is the clearest indication of pregnancy. In spite of this, excessive exercise, stress or change in eating regimen can affect your menstrual cycle. You should be able to determine date of your period if you keep track of the records, in the event that you do not see your period then it is time for a pregnancy test.


  1. Ventral spasms : at the point when implantation occurs, it brings about cramps like what you experience when you get your menstrual period. This may make you think you are about to get your period but it won’t begin as scheduled.


  1. Mood swings : hormone variations causes’ mood swings not just before your period but in the early days of your pregnancy as well.


  1. Frequent urination : you may all of a sudden feel the urge to pee frequently due to the changes in hormone levels that cause more blood flow through the kidneys which fills your bladder rapidly, giving you the urge to urinate every now and then.

You can also use a dollar store pregnancy test if your contraceptive fails, forget to take your birth control pills or condom breaks amidst intercourse.

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How Use a Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

A dollar store pregnancy test pack comes with directions stating clearly how to use. The kit will give exact results on time. Though, it is relatively small which makes it difficult to handle and use. If you can overcome the size, you’re good to go. You can use several kits sequentially till you get an absolute result.

  • Pee into a cup and use the pipette to transfer a little measure of urine from the cup.
  • Use the pipette to drop the small amount of urine in the opening of the kit and sit tight for the urine to go up the strip.

After following these steps, you will get three obvious outcomes which are:

  • No line implies an invalid result. Probably you didn’t do the test as instructed or the test kit is expired.
  • One line implies a negative result, you are certainly not pregnant.
  • Two lines indicate a positive result. Sometimes the variable line which betokens a positive result can be faint, thus, leading to confusion as to whether you are pregnant or not. Even if the variable line is excessively faint, it is a positive outcome.

You can get positive results when you’re actually not pregnant and this could be due to some of the following reasons:

  1. Chemical pregnancy : sometimes, when the sperm fertilizes the egg efficaciously the embryo might fail to survive. Making you get a positive result in the light of the fact that your body starts producing HCG as the embryo starts the implantation process. It is also known as miscarriages.


  1. Fertility treatment : women who undergo fertility treatments get HCG shots to goad ovulation. This can give a false positive two to three weeks after taking this shot.


  1. Waiting too long than the stated time to read your result will create an evaporation line along the control line making you think you are pregnant when you’re actually not.


  1. Ovarian cysts : are mild yet they do not disappear on their own, the fluid filled cysts causes the HCG levels in your body to rise making you get a false positive result.


  1. Medications : certain medicines like anti-duretic causes the HCG levels in your body to rise.


In the event that you do not follow a dollar store pregnancy test correctly or use an expired one, you will end up with the wrong result.

You can use a dollar store pregnancy test kit and get a negative result but find out weeks later that you’re pregnant. This could also occur with but not limited to the following reasons:


  1. Diluted urine : in the event that you drank too much water before taking the test can bring about the wrong result. It’s essential you use the first morning urine to get an accurate result.


  1. Reading the results too early will prevent you from getting accurate results more so, reading it a little too late. It is always better to read the results within the time frame stated in the instructions.


  1. You can easily end up with a false negative result if you do not read and follow the instructions stated in the kit.


  1. Obesity : women with high body mass index tend to have low levels of HCG. So if you are obese, a dollar store pregnancy test will turn out negative for a while till your body produces more HCG that the test can detect.

If you think you are pregnant even after getting a negative result, I suggest you test your again urine after some days or preferably get a blood test.

The one dollar test is quite sensitive (though not ultra-sensitive) and in addition very reliable. You will read mSany stories online about women who effectively use the test to affirm their pregnancy and were more than cheerful using the test for consequent pregnancies.

The low and affordable price tag of a dollar store pregnancy test makes it an alluring choice for women who are planning to conceive.

So would you rather burn twenties of dollars on a pregnancy test kit when you can get one for a dollar?

The choice is yours.

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