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Pregnancy tests are diagnostic tools used in the home or hospitals to affirm pregnancy. Many years ago, women would have to wait till they miss their period to make an appointment with a gynecologist to diagnose the pregnancy.

Meanwhile home pregnancy has changed the face of fertility by permitting couples to use a pregnancy test at home without the guide of a specialist and get results within two to ten minutes. While there are faulty pregnancy tests and improper ways of taking one it is best to understand how they work and the most ideal way to use them.

Women all around the universe have been given the world’s greatest surprise when they discover they have conceived. This is absolutely a wonderful moment which will forever be cherished and not forgotten but of course you need a little help confirming your pregnancy. Some women will buy a pregnancy test and also keep it around for emergencies.

A couple of things are as tragic as observing a negative outcome on a home pregnancy test when you have been making a decent attempt to wind up distinctly pregnant.

Sadly, it happens. When you see that outcome, you may start to think if it’s because you tested early or your test strip got broken or expired.

A lot of women at some point do not think that pregnancy test comes with a termination date. But just like every other product on the market pregnancy test kits come with an assigned expiry date.

Home pregnancy tests are simply one of the best useful inventions of all times. All sexually active women except the surgically sterilized ones may have to use a home pregnancy test sometime in their lifetime. Even women who use birth control pills.

All pregnancy test kits last roughly two to three years once created. Ordinarily, the less costly pregnancy test kits have a shorter useful life while the more expensive ones last for at least three years. In spite of this, all pregnancy tests either expensive or not are created to detect HCG the only difference is that the expensive ones are produced by a renowned pharmaceutical company and are believed to be reliable because of their brand name.

Nevertheless, you should not conclude that a kit you purchased about a year ago will work out fine and dandy as you never know how long it has been in the store before you bought it.


Pregnancy tests expire in the light of the fact that the compound present in the kit that is used to detect the level of HCG (the pregnancy hormone that is produced in large amounts) in your urine is no longer efficacious leaving your pregnancy test futile.

As soon as a pregnancy leaves the factory, the chemical used to detect HCG begins to break down slowly and by the time the test reaches its expiry date, the compound is almost expended

The expiry dates on all pregnancy tests only consist of the month and year of expiration such as 9/15. This may lead to discombobulation for some women, wondering if the month stated is the first or last day of the month.

The heat from your car can get over 100 degrees in hot summer and this could alter the components of the chemicals used to detect the level of HCG in your urine instead the tests should all sit in the box to keep away from heat and also store in a dry place around 65 to 72 degrees.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, try not to use that pregnancy test to avoid difficulties in reaching a conclusion that you’re pregnant or not.


Before you purchase a pregnancy test ensure you check the expiry date and choose the one with the latest expiry date, especially when buying multiple tests in the same box. This way if you do not use all the tests at once, the other ones in the box will expire as far off as possible.

Peradventure you forgot to check the expiry date before buying, ensure you do so before using the test. Make sure you dispose and get a new one if it’s expired. You can always see the expiry date printed on the box but it can also be found on the actual interior packaging of the individual sticks (this is very rare), some women have found out that a pregnancy test box has a different expiry date when compared to the actual stick inside the box.


The accuracy of your test results depends on when you take your home pregnancy test. Many women get confounded about how and when to use a pregnancy test. Fertilization of the egg by the sperm doesn’t always occur right after copulation and a woman must ovulate for pregnancy to happen.

Women who chart their cycles in expectation of pregnancy will usually have an idea of being fertile or not during sexual intercourse but most women don’t keep track of this. Ovulation occurs two weeks after the last menstrual period. However, ovulation varies in women with longer or shorter cycles and they may not even ovulate every month.

Since sperm can outlive for several days in the woman’s body, it is feasible for a woman to get conceive several days after having intercourse, if she releases a viable egg while there is still sperm to fertilize it. This can trigger the results of a pregnancy test, since it takes few days for the egg to attach itself in the uterus and begin secreting the pregnancy hormone (HCG). Thus, a test taken rather too early may give a negative result even if you might be pregnant.


Peradventure you’ve never taken a home pregnancy test. Don’t worry, it is easy, reliable and doesn’t hurt.

In order to get accurate results, pregnancy tests should be used in the right way. Ensure you read the stated instructions and follow all directions carefully. Pregnancy tests varies in sensitivity, some can detect pregnancy as early as a day after a missed menstrual period and others vice versa.

You can follow these tips to get accurate results:

  • Read the expiry date
    Do not be too eager to read the test, wait the stipulated amount of time before reading. Research shows that you should wait for at least ten minutes before reading your test.

  • Your first morning urine contains highly concentrated HCG, so do the pregnancy test immediately you are awake, when urine has been in your bladder for a while.

  • The presence of HCG in some women might be very low to detect as early as a day after a missed period. You should wait until at least a week after your missed period to ensure accuracy.

  • You have to be sure you know how to perform the pregnancy test and also know how to interpret the results. Some tests would show a plus sign, the word pregnant or a line or two to indicate a positive result. Digital tests would usually give a read out but they are more expensive although more sensitive. The main aim of digital tests is that the person testing does not have to worry about reading the results of colored lines incorrectly.

A home pregnancy test is expendable, once you use it and the results are read then that is the end. If you would like to get a digital picture of it first it is better you do so within the stated reading time frame of the pregnancy test you are using.

This was from my sister;

I missed my period and was terribly scared as I had a 5 month old baby, I decided to take a pregnancy test, I had left over’s so I just had to pick one. I did the test and got a positive result, I instantly threw it into the trash due to annoyance and disappointment.

I put myself together after few minutes and decided to have a glance again and behold I noticed the test has been expired since like a month ago. I have read about false positive results due to expired pregnancy test kits on the internet, with so much relief, I got out very early the next morning to get another pregnancy test kit and I certainly checked thoroughly to be sure of its expiration.

Without much ado, I ran the pregnancy test again and to my surprise it was the other way round.

Personally, I think expired pregnancy tests or other forms of pregnancy tests that are difficult to read can all lead to having a false positive or false negative result.

All pregnancy tests kits comes with stated instructions but most of them state “do not use if expired”. So why really stress yourself using an expired pregnancy test when you can get a new and reliable one at an affordable price.

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