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Bleach Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy starts the journey of transmogrification both psychologically and mentally. While pregnancy can be a pressurizing, you can make it the most remarkable time of your life by planning it well.

The most crucial part of pregnancy is a pregnancy test. Pregnancy news is welcomed most of the times but some pregnancies can be unintended and throw you off the balance. Though, there are many medical procedures to confirm pregnancies.

It is a tedious task for the sexually actives to raise hopes and run to the doctor every time they think they are pregnant. Many women of the contemporary world do not know that home pregnancy tests exist, people in the ancient days used to carry out home pregnancy tests and rely on them with strong assurance.

When a woman gets pregnant, the egg is fertilized by a sperm cell in the fallopian tube, this is conception. After 9 days of fertilization, the egg goes down the fallopian tube into the uterus and attaches itself to the wall of the uterus, this is known as implantation.

When the fertilized egg implants, the placenta starts to develop and begin to produce HCG in the woman’s blood. Some of this HCG is present in the urine. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, the level of HCG in the urine gets higher quickly as it doubles every two to three days.

There are two basic types of home pregnancy tests, the most common types of home pregnancy test uses a test strip which you hold in the urine stream or dip into the urine. An area on the end of the strip changes color if HCG is present, meaning you are pregnant.

The second type uses a urine collection cup with a test device, you will have to place several drops of urine into a hole in the pregnancy test or you insert the test device into the urine collected in a disposable cup. An area of the pregnancy test device changes if HCG is present, implying you are pregnant.

Home pregnancy tests are reliable, affordable, easy and awesome. The ingredients used are simply available everywhere and mostly used in the kitchen. A lot of people who live in campestral areas do not have access to clinics or pharmacies as well as people whose standard of living is very low might not be able to afford pregnancy test strips available in pharmacies.

Bleach has been a cleaning agent for many years and can likewise be utilized as a home based pregnancy test because of its oxidizing attributes. All you have to do is combine it with urine. There is no rule of the thumb approach as to the amount of bleach or urine to be used.

As this mixture produces poisonous fumes which might harm the fetus if inhaled, the test should not be then be done in an enclosed place like a bathroom, instead it should be done in an open and airy place. Also do not put bleach first into a disposable cup and try to pee directly into the cup because you might get some bleach on your skin or on sensitive areas like your vulva, thereby causing some harm.

What Is Bleach Pregnancy Test?

People who do not have time to purchase a pregnancy test from a drug store or go to a doctor to affirm their pregnancy can merely take a bleach pregnancy test. This bleach pregnancy test involves the use of bleach which is a compound typically available in a substantial number of homes and is used to clean garments through the process of oxidation.

It may not be possible to completely depend on this result regardless of it being negative or positive. The reason being that there are no specific guidelines on the amount of bleach or urine one has to use to or the amount of time you have to wait before reading the results. Thus, it is prudent to re-affirm the test using another home pregnancy test.


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How To Use Bleach For Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy tests regularly check for the presence of HCG which is a pregnancy hormone. This is a substance that reacts to every single accessible technique that is used to test pregnancy. HCG is available in the blood as well as the urine. Using bleach to test for pregnancy is more reliable when compared with other home based pregnancy test since it responds greatly to HCG.

  • Pour some bleach into a disposable cup and blend with some urine
  • Sit tight for a little period of time and watch the response
  • If the solution begins to rise or turn foamy or frizzy. It is a clear indication that you are pregnant. If you do not see reactions, then you are not pregnant.

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Does The Bleach Pregnancy Test Work?

Home based pregnancy tests are very sheltered. In any case, this is different for bleach pregnancy test because of the lethal exhaust it produces when blended with urine. However there is no logical proof that it works but you can get accurate and amazing results from this home pregnancy test. The use of bleach pregnancy test is becoming very popular because it is affordable, decent and only a small amount is required to carry out the test.

Most women consider taking a bleach pregnancy test alongside a pharmacy purchased pregnancy test just to verify the results. Research has proven that a bleach pregnancy test is 95 percent accurate.

There are various factors which might have added to the inaccuracy of this test as it incorporates the absence of laid down rules and procedures.

How To Improve The Accuracy Of This Test

  • Make sure you use your first morning urine as it is highly concentrated. The more the concentration, the better the outcome.
  • Ensure you carry out the test on a flat surface and do not shake the mixture.
  • Use plastic containers to carry out the test and dispose upon completion.

There are additional physical changes and pointers that may or may not be visible in the early phases of pregnancy. Not all ladies experience these early signs and having them mean does not mean you are pregnant. In short you can know you are pregnant with the following signs without having a pregnancy test.

  • Missed periods: some women keep track of their menstrual period while some do not. So, if you have been having unprotected sex and haven’t seen your period, then you might be pregnant.
  • Frequent urination: if you have been getting the urge to urinate more than usual. You might be pregnant.
  • If you are feeling woozy when you stand up or black out more than usual.
  • Changes in breast: if your breast becomes tender, sore, delicate and swollen. You might be pregnant.

Bleach pregnancy test is a great method but there are also other home pregnancy tests that you can utilize such as:

  • Toothpaste: place a substantial amount of white tooth paste in a container or basin, put the urine sample, if the mixture turns to blue, then you are pregnant.
  • Vinegar: put vinegar into the cup and mix with urine. A change in color indicates pregnancy.
  • Dandelion: dandelion is a flowering plant, collect leaves but make sure you go for leaves found in the plant stem and protect the leaves from sun rays. Urinate on the leaves or pour a small amount of urine on the leaves. Ensure the leaves are fully saturated with the urine.

Reddish blisters formed on the leaves indicate pregnancy. You can get the results within ten to thirty minutes.

  • Sugar: add two or three teaspoons of sugar in a bowl, pee into the bowl directly. Observe the reaction of the mixture, if you discover that the sugar is dissolved, then you are not pregnant but if you find sugar clumps instead, the reverse is the case.


  • Pine sol: this is a wide known household cleaning agent commonly known as Clorox. Mix the pine sol with a sample of your urine. Changes in color or the presence of bubbles implies you are pregnant.

Homemade pregnancy tests brings about privacy especially to pregnant teenagers who are shy and afraid to go for conventional pregnancy tests method such as buying pregnancy test kits or consulting a doctor due to stigma and other personal reasons.


Our great suggestion is that the most efficacious method for detecting pregnancy is the use of scientifically proven pregnancy tests mainly involving a blood test with your doctor.

We understand the fact that you might not want to visit a doctor due to inadequate time or to avoid lots of questions from family and friends. So whenever you think you might be pregnant and you want a little bit of assurance, using a bleach pregnancy test might just give you a peace of mind.

You do not have anything to lose because there are no costs involved especially when you have bleach in your home. But if you think the results maybe wrong, you should re-affirm with other types of home pregnancy tests or with your doctor.


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