The Best Pregnancy Test Worth Trying

Pregnancy tests can either be carried out on the urine or blood sample, the blood pregnancy test is the most sensitive and would be performed by your healthcare provider while the urine pregnancy test can be performed by yourself.

Knowing the right pregnancy test kit to purchase can be quite mystifying because there are a lot on the market today and you would want to go for an accurate and reliable one and most importantly you won’t want to waste your cash on the wrong ones.

Manufacturers of pregnancy test kits declare that their products are 99 percent accurate when utilized properly but they do not state if these kits are accurate on the day of a missed period as they are accurate a week after.

All pregnancy test kits use monoclonal antibodies to detect the pregnancy hormone which the placenta produces when the embryo implants itself on the wall of the uterus. The concentration of this pregnancy hormone however varies individually, which means, even if the test is working correctly, a certain percentage of women would still obtain incorrect results. The main reason is that, the embryo does not implant itself until a day after a missed period in these certain percentage of pregnant women.

Peradventure you are on the lookout for the most accurate and reliable pregnancy test kits, we have made a list, providing you with the best options to save you the hassle. The earlier you know you are pregnant, the better.


  1. First response early result pregnancy test


First response is one of the well known pregnancy tests. With its new, curved and longer handle, you do not have to struggle when using it. This pregnancy test kit is designed to detect small amounts of the pregnancy hormone, giving you accurate results six days prior to your missed menstrual period. You need to make use of this test as soon as you start noticing early pregnancy signs because the first few weeks of conception are vital to the growth of the fetus meaning that getting prenatal care as early as possible is significant to have a hale and hearty baby.

With this test you do not have to use a sample of your first morning urine, meaning you can utilize this test at any time of the day.

When you have decided to make use of this test, read the stated instructions afterwards remove the test stick from the foil paper and take off its over cap. Hold the stick firmly with its absorbent tip pointing downwards and facing the result window away from you, put the absorbent tip in your urine sample for approximately five seconds. Still holding the stick in a downward position, replace the over cap and place on a non-absorbent and smooth surface with the result window facing upwards. Hold on for three minutes to see your results. The test will show a pink line if it is a negative result meaning you are not pregnant and two lines for a positive result meaning you are pregnant.

This pregnancy test is 76 percent accurate when used six days prior to your expected period, however, the level of accuracy increases as you get closer to your expected period.


  1. Clear blue digital pregnancy test kit conception indicator


Clearblue pregnancy test is the only pregnancy test that reassures you that it is working and when the answer is coming. This pregnancy kit gives you double confirmation of your result, its smart dual sensor does not only let you know if you are pregnant or not but will also show you how many weeks you are gone. You do not need to interpret the lines it produces because its advanced digital display tells you the results in words, it displays a crystal clear “pregnant” or “not pregnant” result.

The flood-guard technology inside the test gets rid of errors by preventing any excess urine from entering the device and ruining the test results as well.

Clearblue pregnancy test works by detecting the presence of HCG in your urine, it is 99 percent accurate when used from the day your period is due. Though, it can be used four days prior to your expected period but it is advisable to retest on the day of your missed period.

Remove the one-piece test stick from the wrapper and take off its cap, you can collect a sample of your urine in a clean and dry container and then immerse the sampler in it for twenty seconds or hold the absorbent tip of the stick pointing downwards in your urine stream for five seconds. This test will detect the sampler when urine is applied to it and will blink a “wait” sign that means the test is working properly. The result will be seen within three minutes after the symbol stops blinking. Clearblue pregnancy test has a sensitivity of 11-22 mIU/ml.


  1. Early detection pregnancy midstream test


Like any other pregnancy test, the early detection pregnancy kit is produced to detect increased levels of the pregnancy hormone in the urine. This kit is ultra sensitive and can detect the pregnancy hormone six days prior to your expected period provided that you are having hormonal levels of not less than 25mIU/ml. you should run this test again in a few more days to get more accurate results in the event that you have tested early.

Do not open the test pouch if you are not ready to perform the test, open when you are ready and you will see the absorbent tip when taking off the lid. Collect your urine sample in a clean and dry container after then immerse the absorbent tip in the sample for ten seconds. Afterwards remove the test stick from the sample and place on a neat, dry and smooth surface with the result window facing upwards to start timing. The results can be gotten in one minute but you can leave it for about five minutes in order to be really sure. Note that results gotten after ten minutes is generally considered void, it is better to re-do the test after the invalid result.

If you get to see one colored area in the control band on the test window but none on the test band, then it is a negative result, you are not pregnant. If you see two colored lines on the test window, one on the test band and the other on the control band, with the line in the test band alike, lighter or darker in color than the one in the control region, then it is a positive result, you are pregnant. If a line appears on the test band and none on the control band, then it is an invalid result. The same thing goes for a result with no lines appearing anywhere on the test window.


  1. Answer pregnancy test


Answer pregnancy test is a well known pregnancy test kit and it is a little inexpensive and just as accurate, it can detect the presence of HCG four days prior to your expected period. It eliminates the need to urinate on a stick. You need to know that the accuracy of this test depends on when you ovulated and the length of time it took the fertilized egg to get to your uterus and implants itself, as well as the rate at which your body produces the pregnancy hormone.

This test can be done at anytime of the day and will give reliable results, simply place the test stick under a stream of urine for some seconds as stated in the instructions. Wait patiently for the results for about three minutes, the presence of a line on the test window means you are pregnant, a negative result. Two lines means it is a positive result, you are pregnant.

There are rare occasions when an answer pregnancy test shows no lines at all, if it shows no lines, the pregnancy test is either broken or expired. It is essential you watch out for expired pregnancy tests, pregnancy tests have a shelf life of two to three years and can produce a false result when utilized.

Our top pick

The first response early result pregnancy test is the most trustworthy and sensitive pregnancy test because it detects HCG at concentrations as low as 6.5 mIU/ml, which is sensitive enough to detect any pregnancy soon after implantation.

Note that not all pregnant women have detectable amounts of the pregnancy hormone in their urine as at when the test is performed. The levels of this hormone increases as the pregnancy develops.

Until implantation, no matter how sensitive the pregnancy test is. You cannot detect pregnancy before HCG is produced. Choose pregnancy tests which are able to detect lower HCG levels because they will be able to detect pregnancy sooner than those which detects higher HCG levels.

No matter how accurate the results gotten from these best pregnancy tests are, you should still visit your doctor to verify your pregnancy.

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